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Working with GfK has given us a far better understanding of our consumers and a deeper knowledge of how we are performing in each category. We are more confident than ever in our marketing strategy and media planning. We’ve been able to work more effectively with our partners and are using the data to prioritize our partnerships and negotiate from a position of strength. The combination of market and consumer intelligence has helped us maintain our brand leadership in one category and improve brand loyalty to grow our market share for our other products in a fiercely competitive marketplace.”

Tatiana Timofeeva

Marketing and Communications Director, Harman Russia

A powerful combination of market and consumer insight

Harman International is a global leader in connected car technology, lifestyle audio innovations, design and analytics, cloud services and IoT solutions. In Russia, the best-selling product ranges are portable and home speakers where they are leading brand, headsets, and headphones. Its premium/luxury brands AKG®, Harman Kardon®, and JBL® are admired by music lovers, musicians, and entertainment businesses in the country and in the wider CEE region. The company uses this positioning to drive brand loyalty to encourage the purchase of its other products, in particular in the fiercely competitive and growing headphones category.

The team in Russia uses two GfK intelligence solutions: gfknewron Consumer to provide a deeper understanding of their customers, and Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking to assess what products are selling, through which channels, and at what price point. The combination of these two products provides a powerful mix of consumer and market insight that informs decisions across channels, partnerships, marketing, and product line up.


Intelligence for a competitive marketplace

The intelligence from GfK has given Harman Russia the confidence to make key strategic decisions across its business – both short and long-term. For instance, using the sell-out and sell-through data from the sales tracking solution, the team has been able to understand which channels perform the best, which retailers to concentrate on and where relationships need attention. Marketing plans have been created, and timing is planned not just around launches but also when the data suggests they will have the most impact. Harman Russia can compare their performance with the competition and assess how to respond by marketing activity, channel, and product choice.

A crucial benefit for us has been the ability to create internal KPIs and track our performance against them. We built our 2021 strategy using the GfK intelligence, and we’re using the monthly and quarterly data to continuously evaluate how we’re doing. As we’ve improved our brand performance and we deliver on our brand promise, we can see customer loyalty and sales increasing, and as a result we’ll continue with this approach into 2022 and beyond.”

Tatiana Timofeeva

Marketing and Communications Director, Harman Russia

A trusted partner

The team at Harman Russia considers GfK as their trusted partner and works closely with them from month to month. GfK provides support with company reporting, crucial in a multinational business such as Harman where learnings from its market leadership position in Russia and the wider CEE region can be shared and maximized in other global markets.

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