Know your consumers' attitudes and shopping behaviors better than ever before with​
gfknewron Consumer

Know who your consumers are, what they like, which brands they love, how much they spend, and where they spend it. This way, you can optimize messaging, better position your brand, and develop your go to market strategies. gfknewron Consumer provides insights at an unprecedented scale by combining point of sale data with surveys from millions of recent buyers, as well as feedback from online consumer reviews. With these insights, you'll understand the "who" and "why" while enhancing the "what" and "where" from the gfknewron platform.

Get inside your consumers’ minds so you can win their business.

Consumer behavior is changing faster than ever before



of consumers expect businesses to
know their expectations


$65 million

additional net income from a 10%
increase in data accessibility



more likely to acquire new customers
if you're a data-driven businesses

*Source: In sequential order: Salesforce, Forrester, McKinsey Global Institute

Maximize engagement with deeper customer insights

Know who your target consumers are, what they do, and where opportunities exist to find potential buyers.

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  • Identify your target consumers: Get to know your key demographics, what makes them tick, and why.

  • Know which brands they love: Figure out their brand preferences to grow your market share.

  • ...and see it all in one connected view: Save time with all your demographics, brand, and retail insights connected and at your fingertips.

Adapt quickly to changing trends so you can maximize sales

Be the first to adjust plans based on consumer behavior.

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  • Mitigate potential risks and capitalize on opportunities: Be the first to adjust to changes in channel and retailer splits, changes in online vs. offline purchases, and more.

  • Win new customers: Understand which customers you lost and how to win them in the future.

  • Drive marketing ROI, fast: Improve your messaging, and know who to target on which channels based on consumer needs and change your perception in the market.

Measure success and plan what’s next

Look back to look ahead. Report on successes and inform your future strategies.

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  • Sell on the right channels: Know where to place your products to maximize sales.

  • Target the right people: Get your brand in front of the right people with expert targeting.

  • Send the right message: Position your brand and features to reach the right people at the right time.

How some of our clients use the insights

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    We see GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine as a tool for any briefing, and for any campaign. We rely on it to plan ad hoc marketing campaigns to supplement our scheduled activities. With the insights into which consumers buy which products, what channels they use to shop, and their reasons to purchase, we have the information we need to prepare tactical campaigns fast. We can react to competitors’ campaigns and promotions to protect and defend our position. The dashboard allows us to adapt our campaigns with relevant products and messages and create new actions as needed for each one of them. Of course, these learnings feed into our longer-term planning cycles too."

    Olga Rodríguez, Business Intelligence – Digital transformation & MARCOM, Samsung Spain

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    Having access to the CIE allows us to validate our hypothesis and further enrich our GTM and product development plans. We have used these insights to better understand our target audience and importantly learn how and where to reach them whilst also further educating our customers on the Hisense propositions.

    By working with GfK across their Market (POS) and Consumer (CIE) Intelligence data sets we have continued to see exponential growth and are more confident than ever in our decision making and future direction."

    Arun Bhatoye, Head of Marketing, Hisense UK

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    We have being using the tool for almost 3 months and the insights from the CIE have been useful in understanding our consumers target group, changes in their behavior throughout time and buying patterns. The insights we get from the tool enable us to make more strategic decisions related to product development, channels selection and tactical marketing campaigns. It definitely complemented the information of POS data given us a holistic view about the market."

    Luciana Procopio, Marketing Manager TV - Europe, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

Globally trusted by businesses big and small empowering them with the best decisions for their business

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gfknewron Consumer: AI powered SaaS | Know consumers better than ever

gfknewron Consumer is part of the gfknewron platform

The single access point to your brand, market, and consumer intelligence, enhanced with
AI-foresight and recommendations.

gfknewron Consumer: AI powered SaaS | Know consumers better than ever
Act in seconds to control your future

Focus on what matters the most with intelligence at your fingertips, supercharged with AI-powered recommendations so that you can move confidently and at speed.

gfknewron Consumer: AI powered SaaS | Know consumers better than ever
Outperform with data at your fingertips

One source of critical data across your key markets available to all decision-makers when they need it, so teams can work across departments to solve big problems.

gfknewron Consumer: AI powered SaaS | Know consumers better than ever
Revolutionize the way you strategize and grow

Simulate future scenarios, identify what happens next and where you should dig deeper, all seamlessly integrated with your daily workflow.

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