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To captivate your target audience and drive demand you need to acquire a richer understanding of their beliefs, attitudes and shopping behaviors. Utilize the ultimate combination of knowledge – survey insights calibrated against market data – to supercharge your ROI and position your brand and products ahead of the competition.
To captivate your target audience and drive demand you need to acquire a richer understanding of their beliefs, attitudes and shopping behaviors. Utilize the ultimate combination of knowledge – survey insights calibrated against market data – to supercharge your ROI and position your brand and products ahead of the competition.

Stay ahead of ever-changing consumer behavior


of consumers expect businesses to know their expectations
(source: Salesforce)

$65 million

additional net income from a 10% increase in data accessibility
(source: Forrester)


more likely to acquire new customers if you're a data-driven businesses
(source: McKinsey Global Institute)

Deep dive into shopper behaviors

Craft precise engagement strategies with extensive insights into shopper buying patterns and motivations.

  • Know what your shoppers want
    Use comprehensive demographic profiles to understand how shopper spend varies among different consumer groups. Then tap into recent buyer surveys to create tailored, effective marketing strategies for each group.
  • Motivate consumers with the right messaging
    Leverage key purchase drivers to develop product and campaign messaging that resonates with your audience.
  • Optimize your touchpoints to maximize shopper value
    Prioritize your spend by identifying online and offline touchpoints that impact each stage of the customer purchase journey. Then maximize sales by quickly adjusting to changing trends.

Enhance your brand’s performance and amplify customer loyalty

Decipher your brand performance and consumer perceptions to develop powerful strategies for greater customer conversion and retention.

  • Master your conversion funnel
    Monitor your brand performance at each stage of the purchase funnel, identify your lost opportunities, and strategize how to prevent lost customers in the future.
  • Understand the favored brand
    Inform your customer retention strategies by analyzing online reviews to understand post-purchase brand performance and why customers migrate between brands.
  • Clear recommendations
    Enhance customer experiences by tracking your brand’s NPS score and identifying areas of improvement to ensure consumer perceptions of your brand align with your objectives.

Dominate the retailer landscape with adaptive strategies

Understand which retailers shoppers prefer and how to optimize your partnerships to dominate the market.

  • Master retailer and customer conversations, with awith a simple, unified view
    Track online and offline retail shares over time to identify best-performing retailers in your market. Streamline your strategy with a single, comprehensive view of all demographics, brand, and specific retailer insights.
  • Strategically balance and manage retailer distribution
    Analyze brand share within retailers and how consumer spend varies across different retailers for your product category. Use these insights to adjust your distribution strategy and ensure your brand performance lives up to its full potential.
  • Discover the ideal retailers to meet your needs
    Get insights into why consumers buy from specific retailers, track retailers’ NPS scores, and then prioritize collaborating with those that match your strategy and offer the best experiences to shoppers.



Measure success and target relevant shopper audiences with gfknewron Consumer Audience Profiler

Hone your audience focus and optimize product positioning by understanding and leveraging distinct shopper profiles. Find more on our Audience Profiler page.

  • Understand the opportunity in front of you
    Contextualize your brand’s and competitors’ performance within each audience, as well as the relative size and value of each.
  • Prioritize purchase touchpoints
    Develop messaging that will resonate most with your target audiences and know where to place your products to maximize sales.
  • Fine-tune demographic targeting
    Expert targeting via demographic profiles allows you to get your brand in front of the right people for better reach and engagement.
  • Samsung
    We see GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine (now gfknewron Consumer) as a tool for any briefing, and for any campaign. We rely on it to plan ad hoc marketing campaigns to supplement our scheduled activities. With the insights into which consumers buy which products, what channels they use to shop, and their reasons to purchase, we have the information we need to prepare tactical campaigns fast. We can react to competitors’ campaigns and promotions to protect and defend our position. The dashboard allows us to adapt our campaigns with relevant products and messages and create new actions as needed for each one of them. Of course, these learnings feed into our longer-term planning cycles too."
    Olga Rodríguez,
    Business Intelligence – Digital transformation & MARCOM, Samsung Spain
  • Hisense-Logo-new-version
    Having access to the CIE (now gfknewron Consumer) allows us to validate our hypothesis and further enrich our GTM and product development plans. We have used these insights to better understand our target audience and importantly learn how and where to reach them whilst also further educating our customers on the Hisense propositions.By working with GfK across their Market (POS) and Consumer (CIE) Intelligence data sets we have continued to see exponential growth and are more confident than ever in our decision making and future direction."
    Arun Bhatoye,
    Head of Marketing, Hisense UK
  • Panasonic
    We have being using the tool for almost 3 months and the insights from the CIE (now gfknewron Consumer) have been useful in understanding our consumers target group, changes in their behavior throughout time and buying patterns. The insights we get from the tool enable us to make more strategic decisions related to product development, channels selection and tactical marketing campaigns. It definitely complemented the information of POS data given us a holistic view about the market."
    Luciana Procopio,
    Marketing Manager TV - Europe, Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH
  • Neato_Robotics_logo
    gfknewron Consumer enables us to go beyond POS tracking data and to have a holistic view on the German Vacuum Cleaner market, by integrating quantitative and qualitative insights.

    The time series helps us to understand how consumer needs are trending in the long run and to engage our customers with more relevant products, content and communications.

    Thanks to the intuitive dashboard we have access to critical consumer knowledge within a few clicks, without having to conduct a lengthy ad hoc study first.

    On top of that, we really appreciate the proactive support and category expertise of GfK’s CSM team to get most value out of our subscription.
    Levent Gungor
    VP, EMEA Sales and Marketing, Neato Robotics
  • HARMAN-logo
    GFK Newron provides us with the ability to quickly analyze our market positioning within the different Business Units we are operating in. The intuitive user interface and provided data enables us to assess not only current market and competitor development and trends but is contributing to adapt and optimize our strategies in a fast pacing environment at a glance. Furthermore, it is a great tool to uncover business potentials, especially with the support of the great team of specialists at GFK. The consumer intelligence module did deliver valuable and actionable insights into the customer journey of headphone customers we would not have received from any other data source.
    Roland Melz,
    Head of Marketing DACH Region, Harman

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