Megatrends to market shifts: exploring tech innovation & AI

Join the latest in our acclaimed webinar series, unpacking opportunities and risks for AI-powered innovation in promoting consumer spending within Tech & Durables.

Ongoing innovation within Tech & Durables is critical in triggering continued consumer spending.  

Innovation within Tech & Durables is all but essential, sometimes evolutionary, at other times revolutionary.  Megatrends and themes also play a major role in effecting the type of innovation, the pace of it, price erosion and lifecycle of products. But at the end of the day an innovation which delivers great value is what piques the consumers’ interest and which triggers an intent to purchase. In the current market environment AI is an external factor influencing all new forms of innovation. Industry brands and retailers are exploring avenues on how to use AI to differentiate themselves against competitors and respond to evolving consumer demands in areas ranging from climate change to health and wellness.  But is it all good news? As AI becomes more integrated into the fabric of daily life, there are also several areas of controversy that demand careful attention.

Join us online on 25 June at 10am CET/ 26 June at 3pm CET for the next in our series of acclaimed webinars, where we will look at: 

  • Innovation and value: the very latest breakdown of today’s consumers and their demands around convenience and instant gratification
  • AI - navigating the opportunities and the risks: unpacking consumers’ specific fears around privacy, security, hacking, lack of control 
  • Tomorrow's opportunities : industry, retail, consumer behavior, promotions



Nevin Francis, Director Global Strategic Insights


Nevin is a recognized expert on market trends in the tech and durable goods area. He and the team provide fact-based strategic analytics by integrating various solutions of GfK research, including unique global Market Intelligence data and consumer studies. He is transforming rich data into relevant insights on how the markets are changing and where they are evolving to. Nevin’s professional focus is on Small Domestic Appliances and Home & Living sectors including IoT products

Sandra Haberstroh, Senior Consultant

Sandra-Haberstroh-150Sandra  is a Senior Consultant based in the Nuremberg office. She has worked in market research in Germany and the US for over 20 years, in a variety of client-facing consulting and project management roles.
Together with her colleagues in the Tech & Durable and Retail teams, she is advising manufacturers and retailers on how to optimize their consumer centricity and the short and long-term ROI of their marketing spend.

Rachel Gilbey, Senior Regional Insights Manager CSM

rachel-gilbey-150Rachel  is a senior insight professional based in London with previous experience in FMCG, Retail and Tech and Durable sectors.  Currently focused on Major Domestic Appliances in Europe, she provides comprehensive and relevant insights to inform manufacturer and retailer strategies, identifying emerging trends, macroeconomic implications and the effects of these on the consumer.

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