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Consumer and shopper behavior is changing at a rapid pace

From rising inflation to changes in the workplace, external factors have caused shoppers to change their buying behaviour and preferences.

Customer experience has emerged as a key differentiator between brands. With the rise of omnichannel shopping, customers increasingly demand to shop how and where they want. At the same time, consumers expect seamless online and offline experiences and a greater deal of personalization in their engagements.

Brand preferences have undergone a dramatic shift, with shoppers buying products based on emotion, attachment, and purpose. This places an additional burden on sellers who must now position brands to align with shopper values.

Will you keep up with shifting customer demands?

Reliable access to current consumer, brand, and market data is therefore critical to understand and predict ongoing shifts in consumer demands. This ensures you can sell the right products to the right customer, over the right channel and at the right time.


of younger consumers predominantly adopt a multichannel approach to research and buy products. (IBM)


of brands compete primarily on customer experience. (Gartner)


of consumers expect businesses to know their expectations. (Salesforce)

Truly know your consumers and shoppers

Organizations that understand consumers and shoppers have the power to adapt to shifts in behavior and shopping preferences. 

Our extensive data science, AI-backed technology, and gfkconsult expertise will give you the insights you need to build a 360-degree view of both today’s consumers — and the consumers of the future. This will help you accurately segment consumers to build, measure, and optimize winning campaigns that align products with consumer needs and values. 

GfK provides data in a variety of formats – from self-serve dashboards and reports to custom consulting and workshops – to answer consumer questions at an unprecedented scale by combining point of sale data with surveys from millions of recent buyers, as well as feedback from online consumer reviews, as well as consulting services. 

Leverage GfK's wealth of expertise and knowledge for tailored, actionable and measurable impact on your growth goals.

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