Building and supporting strategic initiatives rooted in gfknewron Consumer
How HP uses GfK’s consumer intelligence to inform short-term tactical actions and strategic medium‑ to long-term decisions.


Decoding the customer journey to improve business results
How Ikea uses GfK Consumer Insights data for decoding the customer journey to improve business results.


Creating the industry standard source of market intelligence 
How ABTO, the Belgian trade body for travel tour operators, has created the go-to industry source of consumer and market insights for business planning.


Alser - Achieving targets and maximizing sales with GfK’s Market Intelligence
How Alser relies on weekly and monthly data to analyze and plan sales activities and to perfect promotions


Maintaining brand leadership and improving brand loyalty
How Harman uses market and consumer intelligence to maintain and grow market share in fiercely competitive categories.


Galvanizing brand tracking KPIs into business change
How Vodafone UK uses GfK's brand tracking to resonate more strongly with consumers in the next stage of their brand reinvention


Putting intelligence at the heart of a growth and innovation strategy
How kitchen manufacturer Kvik uses GfK’s Market Intelligence to stay ahead of the competition by tracking, analyzing and interpreting appliance sales.

Ingram micro

Conquering changing market, customer and channel trends
How Ingram Micro uses GfK’s Supply Chain intelligence to conquer changing market, customer and channel trends


Plan strategy and tactics with GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine (CIE)
How Samsung Spain uses CIE to grow and protect its leading market position


Mastering tactical business decision making with GfK’s weekly data
How Lenovo uses Weekly POS data to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and maximize crucial sales periods