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Building the capability to quickly predict and adapt to market changes is critical to survive and thrive in an ever-changing marketplace. With the one-to-many sales approach losing its effectiveness, businesses require a deeper understanding of their customers if they are to meet consumer demands and support personalized shopping and channel-specific merchandising.

At the same time, businesses need access to robust real-time market insights to recognize sales opportunities and optimize their strategies and tactics for promotional planning, pricing, sales opportunities across channels and categories, and competitive benchmarking.

Yet there are many challenges. Brands and retailers now contend with supply chain disruptions, increased competition, high inflation, and shifts in customer demands and buying preferences. These complexities mean that it has never been more difficult to stay on top of developments, digesting data, detect the signals from the noise, and take the right decisions. 

This instability has also revealed an uncomfortable truth: we should never take it for granted that today’s business practices will work tomorrow.


of consumers are not very confident about their own economic future (GfK Consumer Life 2021)


of consumers feel now is a better time to wait than buy (GfK Consumer Life 2021)


price hike in Jan-Feb 2022 compared to a year ago (GfK Distribution and Supply Chain Intelligence)

Futureproof your business with the right data and analytics

GfK’s sales and market intelligence enables leaders in Technology Products & Durables, FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Financial Services, and more to connect the data dots and adjust strategies to win in today’s volatile environment.

Our recent merger with NIQ provides you with deep insights into point of sales (POS) data, along with a broad range of consumer insights that enable you to boost profits and drive strategic growth in today’s fast evolving, highly competitive market.

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