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Do work that changes the landscape—for yourself and for some of the most important brands in the world. Join us to become a shaper of tomorrow and elevate your career to a whole new level.
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We show the world what people want.

With the combination of NIQ and GfK, we are creating the world’s most complete and clear view of consumer buying behavior. We offer innovative product solutions combining full-picture data, researcher expertise and advanced analytics to reveal new pathways to growth for our people, clients, and the world around us.

Put your creativity to the test, tackle sophisticated challenges and realize more of your potential.

We know our employees are our greatest asset

For more than 90 years, our progress as a company has relied on the extraordinary people who grow with us and fearlessly pioneer disruptive methods. 

Our global and diverse team of talents are forward thinkers, and empowered with an exciting global environment to bring new bold ideas to life by connecting unique datasets, science, and digital research.

At GfK, you can become a part of building that future, as a shaper of tomorrow.

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The values we share

Grow with us

Our exciting environment empowers the shapers of tomorrow to bring new ideas to life by connecting unique datasets, science, and digital research. We encourage innovation and offer global career and fast development opportunities.

  • Entrepreneurial and innovative spirit
  • Diverse tech community with a presence in 60+ countries
  • Free health and well-being services
  • Career development and learning opportunities
  • Flexwork policy
  • Inclusive and empowering company culture 

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FAQ: Applying to NIQ & GfK

  • If I apply for GfK will I be considered for NIQ opportunities as well (And vice versa)?
    Yes, your application could be considered for both companies. When you apply to a role at NIQ or GfK you will be considered for the role you applied to. If you give your consent in the application form, your CV will stay in our database and a recruiter can contact you for future opportunities in NIQ or GfK. 

  • Will the companies share information on my application?
    Yes, we will be able to see your application information across both companies. 

  • Will I have to apply to both companies separately for separate roles or is one application enough?
    We recommend that you apply separately to the roles of interest to you whether these are in Gfk or NIQ. Your application can be visible across both companies and you can be contacted as well for opportunities in these two entities as long as you consent to it in the application process.  

  • Will I be contacted by an NIQ or GfK recruiter?

    You will be contacted by the recruiter of the company you applied for.  

  • What is the people vision in this new combined organization?
    Both companies share a relentless desire to create the best place to work in our industry and beyond. Throughout the development of the deal and as we commence integration planning, it’s been clear to see that the two independent companies share cultural similarities, like-mindedness, and renowned commitment to quality. We have incredible confidence about our ability to integrate and innovate together.

  • What does the shareholder structure look like?

    Advent International will be the majority shareholder in the combined company, while Nuremberg Institute for Market Decisions (NIM) and KKR will remain invested as significant shareholders in the combined company. 

  • Ulrike-Muehlbacher-750
    What I really like is the possibility to work on innovative things and to participate in new and super interesting projects. It all depends on you — if you take the plunge you can learn and benefit so much!"
    Ulrike Mühlbacher,
    Research Manager, Global Adhoc Operations
  • Ishita-630
    I think what we are doing here is not simply ticking the diversity, equity and inclusion checkboxes, we are really living it.”
    Ishita Sengupta-Mondal,
    Vice President, HR Operations

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