Information for suppliers

As a global company, GfK collaborates with suppliers in order to purchase goods or services. GfK strives to work closely with the best suppliers in all categories being purchased. Therefore, it is important to us that our suppliers are familiar and compliant with our GfK standards in order to build long term partnerships.

In return, we aim to proactively develop our suppliers so that values and strategic direction are grounded in common understanding.

As a supplier for GfK you are an important component of our global value and supply chain. To further optimize our processes and interfaces with you, we would like to inform you about important aspects regarding collaboration with GfK as well as supplier management topics at GfK.


Our GfK conditions of purchase

The conditions of purchase give our suppliers a clear understanding of GfK standards and requirements when doing business with us. They are an integral part of our day to day ordering processes.

The GfK ordering system and invoices

Each order placed by GfK has to be approved within the SRM system (e.g. SAP) by authorized GfK employees upon which a purchase order (PO) is created. This PO is communicated to you with each order placed by GfK and has to be stated in the invoice for proper invoice handling. In general, invoices which do not contain the respective PO will not be paid.

Please send your invoice to the respective e-mail address listed in the search results.

Code of Conduct for GfK suppliers

We at GfK are committed to high standards of compliance and business ethics. Therefore, we require our suppliers to adhere to values of business conduct compatible with our own values.

The Code of Conduct for GfK suppliers regulates what we expect from our suppliers in terms of ethics of business conduct, conduct towards employees, environmental protection, compliance with the Code of Conduct for GfK Suppliers, and communication throughout the supply chain.

As part of GfK’s supplier qualification process, our suppliers must agree to comply with this Code of Conduct. It is also integrated into the GfK conditions of purchase. Depending on the individual supplier status, the Code of Conduct for GfK Suppliers is either integrated in contracts or agreed on by signing it as a separate document.

Please find below the Code of Conduct for GfK Suppliers:

Supplier Quality Commitment

GfK has created a Supplier Quality Commitment. This document outlines GfK's minimum quality standards and its commitment to clients. GfK requires its suppliers to adhere to these standards when providing project services and in all cases GfK may require proof that standards have been applied on a specific piece of work. If there are any questions or concerns about the topics covered in the Supplier Quality Commitment, please contact your GfK procurement contact.

Contingent Workers

The following Privacy Notice applies to Consultants, Freelancers, Independent Contractors, Independent Professionals, Temporary Contract Workers an Temps.