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///CMO Outlook

Insights from marketing leaders across the globe that highlight the latest trends and how they plan to adapt.
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Senior marketers share their views on emerging trends and the actions they’re taking to stay ahead.

In the largest survey of its kind, 600+ marketing leaders from 5 regions were asked to assess the health of marketing today across three pillars: Impact, Aligment, and Investment. CMO Outlook shares these insights.  

Tap directly into the state of marketing worldwide with the CMO Outlook Index. Deep dive into the emerging trends shaping marketing — including AI, prescriptive analytics and Sustainability — and how senior marketers are capitalizing in the CMO Outlook Report. Connect with the latest findings and actions that keep marketing leaders ahead of the pack via CMO Outlook Insights. 

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///CMO Outlook Report

Data, Decisions and Optimism: How CMOs are driving change in an evolving world

The CMO Outlook Report builds on insights surfaced by the CMO Outlook survey — the largest of its kind. More than 600 global marketing leaders shared their insights on the state of marketing. Now, we share an expert-led and data-backed deep dive into the trends uncovered, and the strategies these leaders are using to transform them into sustainable growth. 

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Find out why marketing’s movers and shakers hold a positive outlook, with insight into: 
  • What AI and machine learning can mean for marketing.
  • When to prioritize short-term vs long-term investments.
  • Why real-time data and predictive analytics are critical to success.
  • How consumers’ growing eco-consciousness impacts brand purpose.

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///CMO Outlook Index

Upcoming marketing trends and how 600+ marketing leaders stay ahead of them

The CMO Outlook survey provides regular, ongoing insights from marketing leaders globally across all industries, giving a full picture of the upcoming industry trends and the actions that the world’s biggest brands are taking to adapt. The survey contains one key indicator, the CMO Index, as well as deeper dives into trends, actions, and qualitative analysis.

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Insights from marketing leaders across the globe highlighting the health of marketing and its impact on business

The Index is comprised of three key pillars that identify the role and influence of marketing within businesses:

  • Marketing impact measures the capability and competence of marketing with a team who can clearly deliver ROI on their activities
  • Marketing alignment measures how well the business is aligned with marketing to leverage its brand’s commercial value
  • Marketing investment measures C-suite commitment to invest in brand, both in the short and long-term

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