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Your full view on the Tech and Durables industry trends

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Understand your market, brand and consumer with GfK’s state-of-the-art trend reports, category insights and expert talks. With industry-specific expertise backed by data science, GfK is uniquely positioned to help you outpace the competition and grow your business. 

Strategize and drive results using global and regional insights from over 100.000 retail partners,180 million tracked SKUs and millions of insights from consumers.

Stake your claim in Tech and Durables

The market remains challenging with consumer expectations rising as their budgets shrink — making captivating their attention and their purchase even tougher.

Data-led decision-making is critical for targeted plans and strategies that hit the mark for each market and consumer group. Access GfK’s strategic insights to unlock new growth opportunities in the months and years to come. 

Trend Reports

Navigate from economic slowdown to stabilization with the latest insights on consumer trends and business strategies. Our reports draw on extensive research to unpack the most significant market shifts and growth opportunities to help you thrive in the Tech and Durables market.

Category Insights

Find untapped areas of potential with category deep-dives on global, regional and local markets. Adjust your tactics and stay ahead of competition with weekly and quarterly insights. Know which product categories sell and where, to craft strategies that win.

Sales Tracker

Your weekly dose of sales data, market facts and expert insights across key categories so you can stay on top of ever changing developments
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Expert Talks

Join expert discussions about the latest market and consumer trends in Tech and Durables. Understand how these impact your growth opportunities and which strategies you can deploy to navigate uncertain times and come out ahead.