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Shape the future with gfknewron

gfknewron is the unparalleled, always-on platform that radically transforms data-centric decision making and enables teams to gain actionable and connected insights, collaborate effectively, and act at speed to ignite sustainable growth.

It is a single access point that combines market, consumer and brand intelligence supercharged with AI-powered recommendations, to show what and where, who and why, and most importantly how to shape what happens next.

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One platform, four powerful solutions

The gfknewron platform allows you to move at the pace of today’s business

The single access point to your brand, market, and consumer intelligence, enhanced with AI-foresight and recommendations.
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    Using gfknewron has saved us a lot of time and effort, through providing our teams with granular detailed insights within seconds, which has positively impacted our decision making strategy based on the valuable data updates such as promotion, distribution and planning.
    Murat ŞIRLAĞAN
    CP Growth and KAM Manager
  • el-araby-logo
    From my long experience working with GfK and seeing the value they offer, I can confidently say that using gfknewron has allowed us better, quicker and more focused access to data insights and intelligence. It has become our go-to-tool, in just 2-3 minutes I get the kind of insights I need to prepare a report and take timely decisions. We cannot wait to unleash all of its powers and are super excited to start using predict features as well
    Marwan El Kott
    Electronics Marketing Director – El Araby
  • hp_logo-1
    Based on my experience: the gfknewron platform is an absolute outstanding data intelligence tool for peripherals products in the consumer market. I am overwhelmed of the quality of the user experience and content - and look forward to more to come.
    Oliver Theurich
    Peripherals Lead Central Europe, HP Germany
  • Belkin-Logo
    From the Product Management side here at Belkin, we find great value in GfK data. The new gfknewron platform has allowed us to access the intelligence in a much cleaner, quicker, and efficient manner. The Market Intelligence selection on the side panel is extremely informative and takes us straight to the information we need. Being able to click through Brands, Products, and Segmentation, as well as a general overview, makes our job that much easier when preparing for presentations and analysis. Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the new platform and am excited at the prospect of using this tool moving forward.
    Andrew Gooch
    Senior Product Manager, Belkin Limited
  • Haier_logo_400px
    As an innovator ourselves, we appreciate the foresight and thought that has gone into the development of gfknewron, a tool we believe will revolutionize the delivery of market intelligence. It's essential for us that all our partnerships add value to our end consumers, and this is a prime example such a relationship. Not only does it give us real-time access to the latest data to help us continually improve our performance in-market, but it has become our go-to source to inform our approach to innovation, which is an important market differentiator for us.
    Gianpiero Morbello
    Head of Brand & IoT, Haier Europe
  • Samsung
    We used gfknewron to track the size of the Market. Our assumption was that market will decrease, but instead of this, market is increasing. In gfknewron we can see where we are playing and what are other brands doing, for example by inch, price Segment, resolution, etc. One example is the decrease of OLED ASP in Market and their distribution increase by new brands. Another thing that we used is for watching new local brands, where are they selling or pushing new models, and if they are overlapping with any of our models.
    Juan Ignacio Monge
    TV/AV Marketing Director Samsung Spain
  • Hisense_logo
    By working with GfK across their Consumer Intelligence data sets, we have seen exponential growth and are more confident than ever in our decision making and future direction
    Arun Bhatoye
    Head of Marketing, Hisense UK
  • Haier_logo_400px
    Using gfknewron Predict improves the accuracy of our competitive assessment. Obtaining insights into models that are most similar to our own eases our analysis. The Promotion Planning tool helps to better understand our own and market promotion execution and allows us to improve the efficiency of the promotion budget.”
    Li Ruiqing
    Product Manager, Haier Vietnam
  • Midea_Logo300x-249px
    At Midea, we regard gfknewron as our go-to gold standard source of actionable, meaningful business intelligence. At a management level we rely on it to support our vision and to create strategy, and our team uses it to devise and implement the tactics that bring those to life. With high-frequency data updates and recommendations, it is simply great for competitive benchmarking, perfecting our pricing, and creating winning product launches. Simple to use, gfknewron’s intuitive design gives us rapid access to the very latest intelligence, enabling us to act fast to stay ahead of the market.”
    Mick Xiaowei Ma
    General Manager, Midea Europe
  • Samsung
    We used the data to track Samsung and other brands on a weekly basis. In particular, it was really important to track the pricing of local brands to understand the new opportunities in market or the distribution. Based on this new information, I adjusted my strategy to compete at the price points of these local brands or reallocate product, in order to directly take share from them.
    David González
    CE Business Insights Analyst Samsung Spain
  • GfK’s weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, giving us increased visibility to maximize our business.​
    Andrew Line
    Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo UK and Ireland (2019)

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