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gfknewron is the unparalleled, always-on platform that radically transforms data-centric decision making and enables teams to gain actionable and connected insights, collaborate effectively, and act at speed to ignite sustainable growth.

It is a single access point that combines market, consumer and brand intelligence supercharged with AI-powered recommendations, to show what and where, who and why, and most importantly how to shape what happens next.

One platform, three powerful solutions

gfknewron Market

Know your market
so you can win it.
Plan ahead with a full picture of what sold where and when. gfknewron Market enables you to stay ahead of markets and competitors, identify growth opportunities, and address issues quickly with your point of sales data in all depths and breadths.
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gfknewron Consumer   

Know your consumers
so you can seize the moment.
The world doesn't stand still. It is changing fast. And you need to keep up by understanding your consumers' ever changing needs. Know who they are, what they like, what they buy, which brands they love, how much they spend, and where they spend it.
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gfknewron Predict  

Predict what’s coming
so you can shape it.
AI-powered market, brand and consumer intelligence and recommendations that put you in front of the rest. Drive profits, optimize processes, cater to the right people and markets.
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Revolutionizing the way you work

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics


of time saved in root cause analysis

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics

2 clicks

to plan your promotions

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics

3 seconds

to quantify brand uplift

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    We used the data to track Samsung and other brands on a weekly basis. In particular, it was really important to track the pricing of local brands to understand the new opportunities in market or the distribution. Based on this new information, I adjusted my strategy to compete at the price points of these local brands  or reallocate product, in order to directly take share from them.

    David González, CE Business Insights Analyst Samsung Spain

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    We used gfknewron to track the size of the Market. Our assumption was that market will decrease, but instead of this, market is increasing. In newRon we can see where are playing and what are other brands doing, for example by inch, price Segment, resolution, etc. One example is the decrease of OLED ASP in Market and their distribution increase by new brands. Another thing that we used is for watching new local brands, where are they selling or pushing new models, and if they are overlapping with any of our models.

    Juan Ignacio Monge – TV/AV Marketing Director Samsung Spain

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Helping leaders drive their business forward

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countries covered
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180 million +
products tracked

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gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics

The gfknewron platform allows you to move at the pace of today’s business

The single access point to your brand, market, and consumer intelligence, enhanced with AI-foresight and recommendations.

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics
Act in seconds to control your future

Focus on what matters the most with intelligence at your fingertips, supercharged with AI-powered recommendations so that you can move confidently and at speed.

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics
Outperform with data at your fingertips

One source of critical data across your key markets available to all decision-makers when they need it, so teams can work across departments to solve big problems.

gfknewron | Incredible noise. Powerful signals. - predictive analytics
Revolutionize the way you strategize and grow

Simulate future scenarios, identify what happens next and where you should dig deeper, all seamlessly integrated with your daily workflow.

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