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The role of marketing is becoming more complex

Shifting consumer trends, hybrid life, fragmented touchpoints, and global unrest are only a handful of the issues that are upending marketers’ lives. Amidst all this uncertainty, you’re still expected to drive growth, improve brand strength, increase revenue premium, and optimize ROI.

How can you manage?

Targeting the right people at the right time with the right messaging matters. Innovating and building a tighter, more seamless connections with your consumers is critical. And building and measuring the right campaigns is a must, despite stricter privacy regulations and the sunsetting of third-party cookies which pose a new challenge. You need the right access to data and industry expertise to dictate your strategy and educate your organization.


of CEOs are now banking on marketing leaders to drive growth (McKinsey)


higher market share for brands that generate strong experiences (GfK foundational research)


of consumers will only buy brands that appeal to their beliefs, values or ideals (T2B agreement)

A 360-degree approach to your brand and marketing strategies

Thriving brands are placing customer-centricity at the forefront of everything they do. Are you? To do so, you need a holistic view of your brand and marketing performance. And to really elevate your performance, you need to be able to transform that information into actionable insights so that you can confidently develop winning strategies and make impactful tactical decisions that improve your marketing ROI. GfK partners with you to ensure that your brand and marketing efforts resonate with your customers and drive measurable results.

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Brand purpose: Today’s hot buzzword or tomorrow’s growth lever?

It’s hard to find a livelier and more polarizing debate in the brand and marketing world than the one around brand purpose. How can brands define their purpose? Does it have to be tied to social good? Is it a vital investment or could it actually damage your brand? Is it key to unlocking long-term growth and revenue, or just a shorter-term trend that’s emerged in recent years?
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Data, Decisions and Optimism: How CMOs are driving change in an evolving world

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GfK Brand Architect

Create experiences that drive attachment, relevance and lifetime value so that you can increase sales volume and brand premium. Our brand intelligence frameworks give you the tools you need to better understand your brand and evaluate its performance.
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GfK Growth Architect

A new approach to segmentation and targeting to drive your marketing strategy and accelerate sales and revenue growth on both the short and long term.
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GfK Campaign Amplifier

Discover how to optimize brand campaigns and optimize brand building strategies. Boost your brand exposure & optimize your spend with data-driven insights.
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