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Uncover your audience’s media consumption and behavior

Understand who is consuming which media, when, how often, and on which platforms and devices, with our media measurement platform
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Measure your reach, effortlessly

People consume media content on more channels, and through more devices, than ever before. And with the increasing speed of technological innovation, there’s always another disruption around the corner that changes the way we choose to enjoy content.

Understanding how, when and where audiences spend their time engaging with content is crucial to optimizing your return on investment in your marketing and advertising efforts. Our media measurement solutions help you identify what channels attract which audiences, so you can reach your target audience with a message that resonates, in the right place and at the perfect time. 

Our team has devised state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous methods to track who is watching what, where, and how they engage with content. You’ll be able to evaluate who is consuming what content across different media, platforms and devices, and know what the audience thinks about that content.

Ready to build and track effective campaigns?

We measure the media people consume and help brands improve the performance of their marketing and advertising campaigns. We also combine our best-in-class media measurement technologies with passive purchase behavior data to close the loop on advertising campaign effectiveness. 

Our range of integrated media measurement solutions across the campaign lifecycle can ensure you build campaigns that reach your consumers and drives results. 


of CEOs rely on their marketing leaders to drive growth (McKinsey)


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Gain insights from total media measurement across all platforms

In our approach, one size doesn’t fit all. To reach your target audience, or understand the success of your campaigns, it’s crucial to track complex multichannel, multiformat and multi-device behavior. 

Our media measurement platform allows you to follow the user on all devices and build a 360° understanding of their viewing and listening behavior. From our total audience measurement, you can then break down your reach across channels to better understand media consumption patterns, and how platforms interact, to create your total audience.

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