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What consumers want:


Innovating with intent: understanding what consumers want

Product innovation just for the sake of it will not drive growth. Consumers want innovative features with compelling use cases. By drilling into consumer priorities across categories, brands can target their innovation investment in a way that drives sales growth.
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Demonstrating value to drive volume

With market and consumer confidence low, shoppers are on the lookout for value. We take a look at how consumers are thinking about spending money – and what that means for brand strategies.
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Eyeware in focus: key trends shaping the market in 2023

With the world’s population aging and lifestyles revolving around tech, demand is growing for prescriptive eyewear. Here we look at the megatrends and market trends in spectacle frames, lenses, contact lenses and sunglasses to discover where the opportunities lie.
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Market dynamics


Black Friday 2023 Briefing

Watch our on-demand webinar to get access to GfK data and expert analysis on global Black Friday 2023 sales performance across key markets.
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Tech & Innovation


How will AI impact the media industry?

Can Generative AI be truly creative? Is it sexist? Is your brand integrity at risk? Who owns the IP? Does it put your media job in jeopardy? Get the expert take on these burning questions, and the strategies you need to come out winning, in our 2023 roundtable white paper.
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Omnichannel & Retail


The sustainability imperative


Europe’s sustainability focus is fighting back

Latest findings from our Sustainability Index tracker across France, Germany, Italy and UK, showing shoppers planning to make a major purchase in the next 12 months that will take sustainability aspects into account - and their willingness to pay a higher price.
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