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What consumers want:


How to preserve brand loyalty in FMCG despite falling consumer confidence

As cost-of-living concerns continue, consumers are shopping more widely in search of better value. How can businesses emphasize the value they provide to win consumers over and preserve brand loyalty?
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Have you done enough to win over the consumers of the future?

We all know that younger generations have different expectations and behaviors than those that have come before. The real question is – what do businesses need to do to prepare for the emerging retail landscape?
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How to build brand loyalty by helping consumers adapt to energy austerity

With energy prices expected to remain high – are brands that help reduce energy usage going to win out with consumers?
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Be ready to profit when consumer confidence pivots

The current economic landscape is challenging but isn’t likely to last forever. There are steps that brands can take today to position themselves for growth when consumer confidence begins to return.
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Market dynamics


gfkconsult regional outlook 2023: META

Expert insights and strategic direction to master the 2023 META Tech and Durables market. Watch the videos from our experts.
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Master the 2023 Tech and Durables market in META

Refine strategic growth forecasts and plans for 2023 and beyond, spot opportunities and mitigate risks with gfkconsult's META Regional Report.
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Home improvement & gardening - the trends driving growth in 2023

Explore global sales within home improvement & gardening globally, the long-term trends driving growth, and 3 key take-outs for retailers and manufacturers
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Retailers: maximize growth as the Tech and Durables market recovers

Seize new opportunities with key data-backed strategies and retail trends for 2023. Read our infographic now.
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Tech & Innovation


Human vs AI: Can ChatGPT outsmart a CMO?

GfK’s CMO goes head-to-head against the latest craze in AI, ChatGPT, to debate the latest trends and how marketing leaders should pivot based on them. Who will come out on top – human or AI?
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CES Conference 2023

GfK at CES 2023. Watch videos about three take-outs from the conference. Watch now!
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State of Consumer Tech and Durables Webinar: Next Stop Recovery? 

While last year’s challenges continue to affect the market, our intelligence suggests that the worst might be over. Our experts share what's going on in the market — and what's coming next. 
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3 CES take-outs shaping technology in 2023

Discover the latest consumer technology trends, and trends on the metaverse and VR in 2023 at GfK. Stay ahead of the game with our expert insights.
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Omnichannel & Retail


Must-know 2023 Retail Tech Trends, pt. 1

Improve your retail business with the latest retail trends & solutions. Explore the latest in-store experience and omnichannel trends in retail for 2023.
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European retail trends driving 2023

Infographic of key trends and stats, including 5 ways to increase your chances of making it into consumers’ baskets in 2023.
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Making promotions work in 2023: what we can learn from 2022

With household budgets still squeezed by inflation, consumers appetites for promotions that represent genuine value are growing increasingly. A look back at consumer behaviour in 2022 gives us some clues about how retailers can entice price-conscious consumers to spend.
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Inflation and opportunities around the world

The impacts of inflation will play out very different in different markets. Brands and retailers could be facing many challenges. Learn more now.
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MLOps: the new role in data science

MLOPs: What are they and how do companies benefit from them? Learn how GfK is retaining talent to strengthen the future. Read more now!
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How to convince your C-level to invest in long-term marketing strategies in stagflation

Learn how to build brand strength, equity and reputation for your business. Maximize your brand presence and attract more customers with our knowledge now!
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Inspiring talks at GfK's Annual Tech, Data, and Product Event

Learn about the inspiring talks and diversity of GfK's people at we.create; 2023, our annual event celebrating collaboration and innovation!
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How brands can win the innovation race

What role does innovation play in competition? Understand how product innovation can help your company in times of uncertainty. Read the article now!
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The sustainability imperative


What's happening to Europe's eco-shoppers 2023?

Explore the latest trends, the outlook for 2027 and beyond, and the key segment of eco-shoppers that's still growing right now.
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The elusive opportunity of sustainability

What is the impact of the green consumer on the technology & durables category? See how gfkconsult can help, learn more now!
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Green ambitions, golden opportunities - Sustainability in FMCG in times of instability

Is sustainability still a key trend? Or is it being overruled by concerns of inflation? If consumers still care, how does this translate to shopping behavior?
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Beyond the greenwash: how brands can bridge the sustainability trust gap

Find out in this blog article how brands can bridge the sustainability trust gap when it comes down to sustainability. Read more now!
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