Master your market with data-driven tactical and strategic decisions

  • Empower your business with the latest unbiased sales data, delivered on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. 
  • Utilize insights from our comprehensive database to fuel your decision-making, elevate your business conversations, and forge stronger retail partnerships. Get ahead of the curve by detecting untapped growth potential, evaluating both local and global market trends, and forecasting tomorrow's opportunities today.  
  • Dive into sales information across your entire portfolio to sculpt strategies and tactics designed to maximize product lifecycles and accelerate your business growth.  


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Monitor team performance with solid KPIs by country, product group, or channel. And get a firm grasp of crucial trends – from a macro market perspective down to detailed model level views. 

Stay ahead of market fluctuations, optimize your product portfolio, and drive sales efficiency by pinpointing where to sell, at what price, and under which promotional strategy.  

With GfK’s Sales Tracking data, you're not just following the market - you're leading it. 


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The world’s largest and most up-to-date sales tracking database specializing in the Technology & Durables sector

React fast to the latest developments with access to weekly data on your performance, your competitors’ results, and the total market.  

Gain the advantages of weekly sales tracking data

React fast to the latest developments with access to weekly data on your performance, your competitors’ results, and the total market.  
  • Market Intelligence from GfK helps us optimize our product portfolio and develop and execute a launch strategy for the new business units. We use the data to track our performance versus the competition on a monthly basis. This is key to our sales and marketing strategy, especially when it comes to our product portfolio and pricing.”
    Yannella Amendola
    Marketing Director Hisense Iberia
  • I truly believe that it would be impossible to succeed in our business without the GfK Point of Sales Tracking data."
    Heiko Erhard
    Marketing Strategy and Planning, Sony (2020)
  • GfK’s weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, giving us increased visibility to maximize our business."
    Andrew Line
    Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo UK and Ireland (2019)
  • One of the most important things to be successful in a specific market is to understand its size, potential, trends, and competition. It’s here where GFK provides valuable insights to Samsung - we know our Market Share, our strengths and improving areas. We are also able to understand market mix, growing segments, and to use past information to predict future market size. This allows us to define our demand forecasting and to rethink our strategy whenever necessary.”
    Bonifácio Meixedo
    Iberian Head of Business Insights, Samsung Electronics

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