GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking

Base your tactical and strategic decisions on facts

Rely on actual sales data from retailers and resellers

Retailers and manufacturers are under constant pressure to develop products and services that maximize sales and profit, and keep customers returning.

Your success relies on having the most up-to-date retail sales data to understand which technical consumer goods products are performing well in the market—and which are not. You need to know what is selling, where, when, and at what price point. This knowledge gives you control to respond with both tactical and strategic decisions that will drive commercial growth and increase ROI.

Our POS tracking helps you measure your market share and brand performance, and benchmark it against your competition. We have built the world’s largest retail panel, and track products and deliver insights based on actual sales data from both retailer and reseller. And with our Performance Pulse app you can access these insights on-the-go.

I truly believe that it would be impossible to succeed in our business without the GfK Point of Sales Tracking data.

Heiko Erhard
Marketing Strategy and Planning, Sony

GfK’s weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, giving us increased visibility to maximize our business.

Andrew Line,
Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo UK and Ireland

Flexible delivery frequency to fit your business goals

You can choose to have our POS insights delivered weekly, monthly or less frequently, depending on your business goals. Looking at the tracking from a strategic perspective, with our quarterly or monthly POS insights you can size markets, identify patterns, monitor channel dynamics and develop a detailed understanding of global and local market trends from the “big picture” macro level down to an individual product level. This allows you to optimize your product assortment, distribution and pricing strategy.

The weekly delivery is ideal for tactical decision making. Week-by-week you receive sell-out insights for your own and competing products across all relevant channels, online and offline on single item level. This helps you understand promotional effectiveness, improve retail negotiations, steer your activities, monitor critical launches, and exploit seasonal peaks such as Black Friday.
Find out more about Weekly Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking.

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    The app is extremely practical and offers a great mobile port of call to quickly get an overview. It will be used a lot.

    Michael Struve, Corporate Planning, Panasonic, Germany

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    GfK’s Performance Pulse provides fast, reliable and convenient access to topline summaries of our sales activity plus the all-important deep dive we need by our products, line-ups and brands. I use it every day – it’s the one intelligence tool that no manager in Haier can afford to be without!

    Thomas Wittling, General Manager Germany/Austria, Haier

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    Performance Pulse is an invaluable app, giving us immediate access to GfK’s high-quality data whenever we need it. It’s well-designed, intuitive, easy to use - and the data is constantly updated. We particularly like the ‘hit list tracking’, which allows us to monitor our competitors’ performance and react fast. 

    Raúl Martín, Vice President, Head of CE Division, Samsung Electronics Iberia

Globally trusted by businesses big and small empowering them with the best decisions for their business

Access weekly sales insights anytime, anywhere with our app

To allow sales teams to act as fast as possible on the weekly POS insights they receive, we have developed our GfK Performance Pulse app. Use your smartphone to monitor weekly sell-out activity, track your strongest competitor, measure price developments, maximize the impact of marketing campaigns, and evaluate launch performance and promotions on-the-go. Treat it as an early warning system to let your sales teams respond immediately and remain competitive.

Preview of GfK Performance Pulse


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