gfkconsult strengthens your business with data science, AI-backed technology, and human expertise

Faced with complete disruption, today’s leaders must rethink the way they operate to stay ahead. They need to validate new ideas, question assumptions, and anticipate tomorrow’s biggest trends. And they need a trusted, forward thinking partner by their side to strategize, spar, and drive the right strategies forward.

GfK’s unrivaled data science, AI-backed technology, and human expertise empower leaders to craft winning market, consumer, and brand strategies. gfkconsult's team of industry experts and creative thinkers partner with senior business leaders to best interpret the signals in the noise and make bold, disruptive decisions. gfkconsult will challenge you to think deeper, to innovate, and to unlock strategies that drive sustainable growth.

Clients enjoy measurable impact

Results from global brands since partnering with gfkconsult

Category leader in just 3 months by capitalizing on a new opportunity

When a key competitor unexpectedly withdrew from the smart mobile phone market, gfkconsult sized and seized the opportunity with a 360-approach that allowed its client to win 50% of the available market share in the next quarter (a jump from 3rd to 1st).

10% share in new market expansion by revising go-to-market planning

With eyes on overseas expansion, this client turned to gfkconsult to ensure its plans would lead to long term success. gfkconsult evaluated the rise and fall of competitors, identified their critical mistakes, and built a plan to cross the 10% share threshold.

+50% year-over-year growth after a successful brand reposition

After failing to hit aggressive growth targets, this client wanted to reinvigorate its cooling global brand. gfkconsult used its comprehensive brand framework to determine how to reposition the brand for long-term, global growth.
    GFK Team insights have been pivotal to assess the potential and viability of expanding our operational and geographical footprint in the region, delivering comprehensive data from a macro level to retail landscape overview and market demand. The study was inclusive , direct, and presented with punctuality. Concluded with great counsel and recommendations that helped with several of our strategic and executive decisions.
    Faten Al-Baltaji
    General Manager – MEA
    BISSELL Middle East FZE

An innovative partner to unlock your business potential

At GfK, consultancy is in our DNA. For decades, our insights, trusted research and analytical capabilities have supported senior business leaders like you to steer their brands to success.

Now, we’re leading the way with gfknewron in pioneering AI-driven data analytics that can accurately predict what’s coming next. Through gfkconsult, we are providing strategic consulting, enabling you to achieve sustainable growth and optimize your ROI.

The gfkconsult team brings a wealth of consulting, research, and brand experience, gained across diverse industry sectors, into your business. We work hand in hand with your team to identify opportunities, overcome challenges and create the advanced strategic frameworks and robust business models to unlock your full potential.

As we grow and deepen our partnership, we’ll evolve with your business to keep pace with your changing needs. With gfkconsult, you can look forward to working with a team that strives to improve, finetune and enhance its performance, every single day.

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Successfully entering a new area of business requires deep knowledge and precision planning. With the Expansion Success Framework, gfkconsult helps you expand into new markets or categories and provides leading industry expertise on where and how to succeed.

  • Explore: A topline review of categories or markets to size and prioritize opportunities
  • Develop your pre-launch plan: Strategic deep-dive to successfully enter a new market or category
  • Evaluate the early days: Review of the first in-market success to adapt and optimize in a changing competitive environment

An aligned and impactful brand vision is the foundation for in-market success. With the Brand Positioning Framework gfkconsult empowers you to unlock the full potential of your brand and its path to future growth.

  • Envision: Assess the commercial potential of your brand by reviewing current brand perfomance and opportunities.
  • Strategize: Collaboratively develop strategies to win by jointly identifying and validating potential brand territories for growth
  • Build: Create alignment to activate for success. Brand vision translated into tangible action planning for product, marketing and sales

In today’s turbulent economy, maximizing marketing ROI is more business-critical than ever. At gfkconsult, we’ll empower you to exceed your marketing objectives and gain maximum value from your investments.

Our Marketing Optimization Framework, supported by powerful, AI-driven data, will help you analyze and evaluate the impact of all aspects of your marketing activity on sales.

  • Assess: the performance and business impact of your current marketing investments. Identify how you can improve the marketing mix to enhance ROI.
  • Optimize: Evaluate your current marketing options against business KPIs and targets, budget availability and in-market commitments. Create a coherent, optimized media plan that helps you achieve your goals.
  • Activate: Monitor in-market performance against your defined KPIs. Jointly develop actionable recommendations to further optimize your marketing spend across the mix.

Plan your next move with gfkconsult

Our latest Insights


  • What is the consulting philosophy of gfkconsult?

    Our consulting philosophy is to challenge your teams to think deeper, question assumptions and consider bold, disruptive ideas that anticipate tomorrow’s biggest trends. What we bring you is AI empowered industry data, outstanding analytical capabilities, and world-class industry expertise – powerfully combined to unlock the strategies that will drive your business’s full potential. With gfkconsult, you have a team that strives to improve, finetune, and perform better - each and every day.

  • Why has GfK decided to create a consultative arm?

    Consulting is already in our DNA. For decades, business leaders have trusted our research, insights, and marketing science teams to advise their strategies and inform their critical business decisions. Today, we’re pioneering the way in data analytics powered by AI-driven technology that shows what’s coming next. By layering our analytics with a formalized consultative team, we partner with leaders to imagine and build the future – unlocking the strategies that open-up their full potential. With that step we are expanding from an industry advisor to a strategic business partner for our clients.

  • How does gfkconsult differ to GfK’s ‘regular’ offer?

    Our consulting team combines experienced consumer and market experts that work directly with senior business leaders to identify opportunities and solve business challenges. Their focus is not to sell data, but to provide actionable recommendations and proposals, formed to each client’s specific situation, strengths, and objectives, that enable senior business leaders to make the right strategic decisions. They bring in the full depth and breadth of GfK’s pool of data insights and AI-powered analytics; the diversity of our consulting, research, and brand expertise in cross-industry backgrounds; and the utility of our advanced frameworks, strategies, and business models.

  • What makes the consulting offer of gfkconsult unique?

    Two things. Firstly, gfkconsult is built upon GfK having been a trusted client partner for almost 90 years, with strong and lasting relationships with its clients. This allows us to provide actionable recommendations and proposals which are rooted in our in-depth understanding of our clients’ business. Secondly, we focus our strategic consulting on the market, brand, and consumer related topics where we possess renowned, real-time data, world-class industry expertise and analytical capabilities. Where others must rely on 3rd party data, we draw directly on the full depth and breadth of GfK’s own pool of data insights and AI-powered analytics.

  • How does gfkconsult go about a consulting engagement?

    We will work jointly with you to set-up a customized consulting team of our senior experts, targeted to address your specific strategic challenge and incorporating all the relevant market, brand and consumer expertise of GfK. We will accompany you along your strategic journey and ensure that, through our exchange of ideas, challenging of assumptions and creative sparring, your business leaders are equipped and confident to make the right strategic decisions. Our approach positions us as your innovative partner that unlocks your business’s potential by identifying opportunities, solving challenges, and creating advanced frameworks, strategies, and business models tailored to your landscape​.

  • Which consulting topics does gfkconsult cover?

    Our consulting offer focuses on the strategic challenges our clients face within market, brand, and consumer related topics. In these areas, we enable our clients’ growth strategy, support them in optimizing their go-to-market strategy and engage to optimize their ROI on investment decisions. More specifically, we offer strategic sparring, challenge assumptions, feed in ideas, and deliver actionable recommendations and proposals on burning global issues, in-market disruptions and developing trends. All our consulting engagements are rooted in GfK’s real data and incorporate our renown industry expertise and analytical capabilities.

  • In which geographical regions does gfkconsult offer consultative support?

    gfkconsult operates globally, but with local expertise. Our special focus is to stay close to our clients and feature the business specifics and industry particularities of each region. To deliver this, we marry our global consulting team, who ensure the global “handwriting” of our offer and lead on cross-regional consulting projects, with our strong regional consulting teams, who lead on all region-specific consulting projects. Each team structure ensures they draw from our full wealth of consulting, research, and brand experience across diverse industry backgrounds.

  • Which industries does gfkconsult cover with its offering?

    Our focus is the consumer tech & durable industry, where GfK holds far-reaching expertise and unique data and intelligence assets – but we don’t stop there. GfK’s world-leading research, insights and marketing science expertise is also a proven and established market force in other industries and in retail, where we deliver a number of high-profile engagements for major brands. So please feel free to reach out to our consultants to discuss your strategic topic and decide whether gfkconsult is the right partner for you .