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In recent years, the competitive landscape has grown more fierce, with new brands and products entering the market, as well as the steep rise in e-commerce as an important channel for distribution. These trends have only accelerated during the pandemic, and the uncertainty and volatility is not going to make the landscape any easier to navigate. What is clear is that changes in your market and competitive landscape will continue to happen at a breakneck speed.

To stay one step ahead and to meet consumer’s shifting needs in this fast-paced environment, you need to understand your competition inside and out. And not only that, you need to continuously review movements and new entrants in your market(s). This knowledge is critical when developing your channel, pricing, promotion, and go-to-market strategies. It also enables you to pivot quickly as markets change.

But how can you keep up, given all the complexities and constant change?

Your success relies on having up-to-date intelligence that helps you identify: your market and competitive landscape, your business’s core strengths and weaknesses, how your products are perceived by consumers and shoppers, which pricing/channels work best, where the white spaces are, and where risks may arise.

With GfK’s Competitive Analysis solutions, leaders in Technology Products & Durables, Retail, and FMCG have access to deep competitive knowledge so that they can understand today’s changing landscape and make the right strategic and tactical decisions to stay ahead of the competition and gain market share.


point market share lost by brands who did not continue to innovate during COVID (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)


of shoppers for major domestic appliances consider energy efficiency as a major driver for their buying decision (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)


value growth of premium brands in Q1 2022 (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)
  • We used gfknewron to track the size of the market. Our assumption was that the market will decrease, but instead of this, the market is increasing. In gfknewron we can see where we are playing and what are other brands doing, for example by inch, price segment, resolution, etc. One example is the decrease of OLED ASP in market and their distribution increase by new brands. Another thing that we used is for watching new local brands, where are they selling or pushing new models, and if they are overlapping with any of our models."
    Juan Ignacio Monge
    TV/AV Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics Iberia SESA

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest trends in Retail trends

Understanding and outperforming the competition requires access to the right data and intelligence. Technology Products & Durables and Retail leaders have access to gfknewron, a single platform with insights into the competitive landscape across your market, brand, and consumers. It is backed by the most robust point of sale (POS) data in the industry.

Our recent merger with NIQ also now provides FMCG leaders with deep insights into point of sales (POS) data, along with a broad range of consumer insights. For clients who need to go even further to answer specific questions, GfK offers consulting services via gfkconsult.
With these services, you’ll:
  • Understand your market and competitive landscape - which brands and products are winning and losing? And from whom?
  • See which competitors are important in the relevant set of your brand buyers
  • Know how to optimize your pricing and channel strategies
  • See your brands’ core strengths against competitor brands and where the gaps are
  • Understand which attributes consumers and shoppers most closely associated with your brand and product experience
  • Know how different target segments perceive your brand vs. competitors (eg. loyal buyers vs. casual buyers)
  • Quantify and prioritize opportunities to gain market share

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