Futureproof your supply chain with key distribution intelligence

Optimize your supply chain and pricing strategies with powerful strategic insights and competitive benchmarking. Our integrated approach combines in-depth distribution analysis with comprehensive point-of-sales data, keeping you ahead in the ever-changing tech landscape.
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Supply and distribution are a challenge – can you succeed in today’s tough environment?

Supply chain constraints are one of the biggest issues plaguing the economy right now. A combination of global crises, supply chain disruptions, changing consumer expectations and behaviors, and additional paths to market have created supply chain management and strategy challenges that we have never faced before.  
These issues put profit margins under pressure as costs inflate. And they cause risks of stocking shortages or miscalculations.  
As a Technology Products & Durables leader, you need to get the right data in hand to understand and stay ahead of trends along the entire supply chain. It’s critical to evaluate and adjust your supply chain management strategies based on this data fast and often, as markets are extremely volatile and changing constantly. Companies that can successfully adapt will come out on top.  


With GfK’s Supply and Distribution intelligence, Technology Products & Durables leaders can act fast to protect margins, avoid over/under stock, and execute highly strategic chain management for sustainable growth.

Use GfK’s distribution intelligence to understand how distribution markets are evolving, uncover your competitors’ channel strategies and sell-through performances, and anticipate channel trends and opportunities. Successfully navigate your indirect channels by knowing what distributors are selling, to which sales channels, and at what price point.

Even better, choose to use our distribution intelligence in combination with our comprehensive point-of-sale data to make sense of supply and demand, optimize inventory and margins across channels, perfect your go-to-market strategy, and more. 

Answer key business questions for strategic supply chain management


Future-proof your inventory management and supply chain strategy using insights from the world’s largest distribution market intelligence for Tech & Durables: 

  • Does my distribution strategy meet category requirements?  
  • How are distributors’ prices developing, and how can I optimize my pricing in response? 
  • Through which channels are my products, and my competitors’ products, being sold?  
  • To what extent are my products, and my competitors’ products, sold directly, skipping retail Point of Sale? 
  • How are distributor and competitor promotions impacting my sales?  
  • Which products or features will be selling next through retail Point of Sale?  
  • The implementation of GfK Distribution data provides us with a valuable perspective on a broad number of tech categories and customer types as well as in-depth insights from a channel perspective. The Supply Chain Explorer tool demonstrates our market shares in a very convenient way, enabling us to react quickly to changing market trends.
    Adolf Markones
    Executive Managing Director, Ingram Micro GmbH Austria
  • We began working with GfK during a time of international expansion and rapid market growth. We needed help to gather and interpret the vast amounts of data from the different markets we were venturing into and formulate strategies to maintain a competitive edge in these new arenas. GfK’s expertise, experience, and tools gave us the comprehensive view of the market and the competitive landscape we needed to succeed. The collaboration has enhanced our overall business systems, creating effective data-driven solutions that allow us to maintain our leadership in ICT distribution.”
    Marc Hosfeld-Köhn
    Vice President Channel Sales, KOMSA

How GfK’s Supply and Distribution Solutions benefit your supply chain management and strategy

GfK provides unrivaled insights to distribution markets worldwide, giving you the strategic and tactical data you need for dynamic and agile supply chain planning, even at the single item (SKU) level.

Our supply chain market intelligence insights allow you to enhance your supply chain strategy in the following ​​ways: 

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