Markets, disrupted. Adapt to changing dynamics to stay ahead in uncertain times

Market dynamics and shopper behavior are changing faster than ever – volatility has become a new norm. All these changes make it difficult to understand where you and your competitors stand, where your opportunities lie, and which trends will continue beyond tomorrow.

This uncertainty makes it more difficult to understand your market dynamics and shoppers’ purchase behavior, but this understanding is critical now more than ever.

To ensure profitability, grow penetration and market share, and successfully enter new markets, you need to understand your market and your performance in it: your current market share and penetration, how frequently customers buy and what they spend, your growth opportunities, your product/feature portfolio compared to market demand, trends in channel sales and how your distribution strategy fits in, your pricing and promotional activities, and more.

To gain this deep understanding, you need up-to-date intelligence that gives you a clear picture of the dynamics at play. With GfK’s Market Dynamics solutions, leaders in Technology Products & Durables, Retail, and FMCG can adjust quickly to changes for ultimate profitability.


point market share lost by brands who did not continue to innovate during COVID (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)


of shoppers for major domestic appliances consider energy efficiency as a major driver for their buying decision (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)


value growth of premium brands in Q1 2022 (GfK Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking)
  • TPLink
    GFK data analytics are an instrumental part of our business development strategy. With GfK’s reports we get a detailed and clear feedback on our own (and our competitor’s) performance as well as the needed reassurance and trust to keep a stable strategy . As we grow, we follow these figures to see where we have room to improve/grow, making our mark and finding new areas to succeed.
    Abdel Aboulakal and Roel Brandenbarg
    TP-Link BeNeLux
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    GfK’s weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, giving us increased visibility to maximize our business.
    Andrew Line
    Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo, UK and Ireland
    The GfK leaderpanel data is a perfect tool to benchmark our performance. It offers us crucial insights into the ever-evolving dynamics of the market.
    Stijn De Knop
    Chief Finance & Data Analytics, TORFS

Develop strategies to win your market and drive sustainable growth

Understanding your market dynamics and underlying shopper behavior is key to unlocking future growth. Technology Products & Durables and Retail leaders have access to gfknewron, a single platform which shows you an overview of the most up-to-date changing market dynamics, with the ability to drill down into the details as needed. It is backed by the most robust point of sale (POS) data in the industry.

Our recent merger with NIQ also now provides FMCG leaders with deep insights into point of sales (POS) data, along with a broad range of consumer insights.

With these services, you can:

  • Understand market dynamics and shopper behavior: Know exactly what is happening in your market – your products, penetration, channels, consumer spend, pricing, promotions, and more – versus your competition
  • React fast to capitalize first: Spot trends, identify opportunities, and pivot quickly to take advantage of new market and consumer trends
  • Adjust product, distribution, and channel planning: Inform your key strategies based on data and facts

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