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Adjust your pricing and promotions to maximize sales and outperform the competition

Plan pricing and promotion with precision. Know exactly how your promotions - and those of your competitors - impact your sales volume and revenue
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Defining the right pricing and promotion strategies and tactics have become increasingly more complicated

Changes in supply and demand, consumer buying patterns, and inflation as we’ve never seen it before have made it difficult to plan product promotion and pricing strategies. With each change, brands and retailers must test new ideas and optimize accordingly. Which products should you promote and when? What is the right temporary price reduction to set during a sales promotion? And how will those reductions impact consumers’ perceptions of your brand?

Pricing goes beyond promotions. You need to consider adjusting your product portfolio to include premium products that increase in price to jump on the premiumization trend. What’s the optimal strategy to successfully go to market with a new product? How are competitors’ promotional activities impacting your sales performance?

To plan effectively, you need to understand how prices are trending over time in your market, category, and channels. You need to know how your product(s)’s pricing matters to different shopper types, and how it stacks up to your competitors. You’ll need to test, measure, and optimize your promotions and adjust quickly when variables shift.

But how can you keep up, given all the complexities and constant change?

Your success relies on having up-to-date intelligence that helps you identify: your market and competitive landscape, your shopper types and how they perceive your brand and positioning, which pricing/channels work best, how to best adjust pricing, and more.

With GfK’s Pricing and Promotion solutions, leaders in Technology Products & Durables, Retail, and FMCG can make quick, efficient pricing adjustments, run successful promotions and react to competitors’ activities.


average price growth for tech and durables March 2022 vs. Jan 2020 (GfK Market Intelligence)


year-on-year price growth in US$ of robot vacuum cleaners (GfK Market Intelligence)


growth of high end price segment year-on-year March 22 vs. March 21 (GfK Market Intelligence)
  • Hisense-Logo
    Market Intelligence from GfK helps us optimize our product portfolio and develop and execute a launch strategy for the new business units. We use the data to track our performance versus the competition on a monthly basis. This is key to our sales and marketing strategy, especially when it comes to our product portfolio and pricing.
    Yannella Amendola
    Marketing Director Hisense Iberia
  • Success-story-lenovo-logo
    GfK’s weekly data helps us to adjust forecasts and promotions rapidly, and to plan for crucial sales periods. It allows us to act based on what feels like live data, giving us increased visibility to maximize our business.
    Andrew Line
    Head of Consumer PC & Visuals 4P Lenovo UK and Ireland
  • Medela
    The breastfeeding space we operate in bridges both the FMCG and small domestic appliances sector. For the last decade, we have utilized GfK's sales data to understand current and emerging consumer and market trends. During the recent turbulence caused by pandemic, inflation and conflict, we consulted GfK to navigate the nuances of price sensitivity during the cost-of-living crisis. The team prepared an informative and revealing workshop for our Senior Management Board. Given the valuable insights it was shared in a second step with the leadership in the EU region. We use the findings to support strategic and tactical decisions, and in particular to identify opportunities to refine our pricing strategy and communication.
    Nicolé Kettenus-Schwarz
    Senior Director Marketing Europe, Medela Medizintechnik GmbH & Co.
  • U Enseigne
    Our challenge at U Enseigne is to offer customers U brand products that are competitive in terms of price while offering the best possible quality. The challenge for us is therefore to succeed in finding the right price / added value balance for all our references.
    Carrying out a trade-off allowed us to see if adding mentions to our products was beneficial in terms of demand.
    We were able to simulate the share of choice of our products by varying the number of mentions and the sales price.
    Concretely, this study helped us to prioritize the most important mentions for the consumer beyond the simple declaration and allowed us to identify several optimal mentions to make on our facings.
    Marie Cécíle Jacquot
    Responsible Etudes / Insights Manager, Coopérative U Enseigne

Develop winning pricing and promotion strategies

Making new pricing decisions, whether it be temporary price reductions for promotions or sustained increases for premiumization or to account for inflation require the right data. You need to be able to understand and react to market volatility quickly, and with confidence.

Technology Products & Durables and Retail leaders have access to gfknewron, a single platform which includes insights and simulations for pricing and promotions so that you can plan effectively. It is backed by the most robust point of sale (POS) data in the industry.

Our recent merger with NIQ also now provides FMCG leaders with deep insights into point of sales (POS) data, along with a broad range of consumer insights.
With these services, you can:
  • Understand your landscape:
    Know which products are selling and at what pricepoint across each channel in your market
  • React quickly to change:
    Change pricing and promotions on the fly as markets change to stay ahead of competitors and maximize sales during key promotional periods like Black Friday, Singles’ Day or Christmas
  • Develop the optimal pricing strategy:
    Simulate your temporary pricing adjustments to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table
  • Capitalize on opportunities:
    Quickly spot opportunities in and across categories and be the first to adjust pricing and promotions accordingly
  • Develop winning promotions:
    Understand what promotions attracts the most shoppers and if they trigger brand and store switch or waste money
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