If you know how people's lives are changing, you can be a part of that change.

Answer your burning questions about specific trends, segments, and markets with our on-demand Consumer Life reports.

Immediate insights into your target customers' life

Change, especially in these disruptive times, is inevitable. Consumers' lives have been upended, and it's impacting their attitudes, values, concerns, and behaviors. You need the right insights to keep up. Our Consumer Life reports are available on-demand and give you knowledge about all aspects of people's lives, including their aspirations, personal values, future world outlook and concerns, lifestyle behaviors, hobbies, consumption behaviors and usage in health, finance, mobility, technology, media, and much, much more.

The Insights from these reports are part of GfK's Consumer Life, which is the most comprehensive and longest-standing consumer trend study in the world. Its data has been collected annually since 1997 from over 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries, providing market leaders with the most comprehensive information about the people they want to reach.

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