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Develop strategies based on the latest and upcoming consumer trends

Know how consumer and shopper sentiment, values, mindsets, and behaviors are changing so that you can plan for today - and innovate for tomorrow
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Do you know the latest and emerging trends?

Consumer and shopper needs are evolving at a breakneck speed to suit their new values, attitudes and lifestyles. Values are changing, topics like sustainability are moving to the forefront, sentiment/mood is volatile, and the focus on themes like health are becoming more important. All these things impact what consumers and shoppers buy, which brands they choose, and what they expect to see on the shelves or online. And the impact of each trend differs from market to market.

Are you staying ahead of the trends? Identifying the emerging ones in your target market and segments? And adjusting your strategy accordingly?

Leaders across all industries can develop strategies based on the latest trends by understanding important aspects of people’s lives, including their aspirations, personal values, future world outlook and concerns, lifestyle behaviors, hobbies, consumption behaviors and usage in health, finance, mobility, technology, media, and much, much more with GfK’s Consumer Trends solutions.


of people make purchases on their phone (GfK Consumer Life 2020)
  • Our workshop with the GfK Consumer Life team was extremely valuable and gave us a deeper insight into consumers’ attitudes, concerns, and behaviors. All of our questions were answered in a way that will help us to further pursue our business objectives. We are looking forward to working together in the future.
    Vera Kockler
    Marketing Manager, trinamiX GmbH

Build tomorrow’s strategies based on trends in your market

Develop data-driven strategies based on trends in your market or target group based on the most comprehensive and longest-standing consumer trend study in the world, GfK Consumer Life. Or get detailed FMCG insights from our NIQ Consumer Panel, which match claimed shopper attitudes with real behavior and harmonize unique survey statements. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs, from ready to-use consumer profiles to data feeds to out-of the-box consulting and workshops.

With GfK’s Consumer Trends solutions, you can develop the right marketing, brand, product, shopper, and go-to-market strategies to reach the right consumers and shoppers to drive sales volume, brand premium, or both.

  • Identify and get to know your target group and their evolving needs, concerns, and expectations
  • Understand drivers and motivations that influence their purchase decisions
  • Know how personal values and lifestyles evolve so that you can adjust positioning, messaging, and product development accordingly
  • See which channels and retailers matter and be the first to understand emerging retailer trends/developments
  • Understand the interaction from in home and out of home buying behavior
  • Get inside the decision-making process of consumers and shoppers
  • Enter new markets with ease

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