If you know
what makes each generation unique,
you can speak their language.

 Get in the minds of your target demographic to better engage with them. Connect with Gen Z,  Millennials, Gen X, or Boomers in our Generation Reports.

Know what makes each generation tick

All age groups are not the same. Life experiences, milestones, global circumstances, technological developments, and more impact how each generation views the world and interacts with it. The oldest members of Gen Z turned 22 this year. They have always lived in a digital world and know how to make use of their unlimited access to information at their fingertips. Contrast that with Gen X, whose youngest members are 40. They are in their prime years in the workforce, as parents, and as consumers with purchasing power. Or Boomers who are less tech savvy, but still a force to be reckoned with, spending a lot of money in many different sectors. 

Generational differences are real, and increasingly global in nature. And if you know what makes your target group unique, you can create products that speak to them. You can build messaging that resonates. And you can develop strategies that sell. Each of our Generation Reports takes a deep look into a select generation - Millennials, Gen Z, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Effectively target the people you want to reach

When you get to know what matters most to your target age group - what's happening in their lives, what concerns them, which products they spend money on, and more, you can align your product, messaging, and sales strategies to best reach them. Our reports help you to: 

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Peek inside their current life

Know what is going on in their lives, their family's lives, and in their professional lives to understand their current frame of mind and major concerns.  

Brand Insights

Understand their core values

Hard work or leisure? Social status or spirituality? See what matters most to develop marketing messages that connect with them on a deeper level. 

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See how they interact with tech

Know which devices they own and how technology is incorporated in their day-to-day lives so that you can interact on the channels and devices they use. 

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Know their spending habits

Understand consumption choices as it relates to lifestyle demands, lifestage needs, and expectations from brands.

Address each generation based on their current mindset

By understanding what makes your target group unique, you can better address their key concerns and values. Consider the following: 

  • Gen Z: ...cares about quality. They seek out brands that they believe offer the highest quality products. 
  • Millennials: ...are upbeat! 78% are confident that they will be better off within the next year.
  • Gen X: ...is busy! They work (59% work full time), take care of family life, and  sneak in exercise (73% of parents exercise at least monthly)
  • Boomers: ...love to spend their money. They are methodical shoppers and are significantly more likely to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. 

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Insights from the most comprehensive consumer trend study in the world

Our Global Generation reports are part of Consumer Life, the longest-standing consumer trend study in the world with insights from 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. The Generation Reports offer a deep dive into a specific generation so that you can get to know how your target age group thinks and acts. 

Our Generation Reports are available as part of the standard package to annual Consumer Life subscribers. 

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