If you know
how to navigate local nuances,
you can explore opportunities in new markets.

Understand consumers, their similarities, and their differences so that you can tailor your strategy to connect with the people you want to reach.

Immerse yourself in life in a particular country

Where we live has a major impact on how we see the world. It impacts our values, attitudes, concerns, shopping patterns, lifestyles, and more. For instance, did you know that the environment is a top concern for consumers in the UK, Germany, and France, whereas in South Korea, consumers are most concerned about an economic recession, in Brazil, crime is the biggest concern, and Americans are most concerned about healthcare.

Do you know what matters most to your target customers? Do you know how these concerns impact their purchasing decisions? Our Market Briefs get you up to speed on consumers in new countries in a matter of minutes so that you can quickly adjust and localize your product, marketing, and sales strategies. You’ll be completely immersed in all facets of their lives. You’ll know their aspirations, personal values, future world outlook and concerns, lifestyle behaviors, hobbies, consumption behaviors and usage in health, finance, mobility, technology, media, and much, much more.

Tailor your strategies to local needs

One global approach doesn't always work. By understanding consumers in each of your target markets, you can identify opportunities in new markets and adjust plans to fit with your current market(s)' changing demands. 

Understand your market performance

Understand their values, attitudes, and lifestyles

Get to know how consumers view the world. Do they value individuality? Tradition? Leisure? Know how these values change across demographics and how they impact the way consumers live their lives. 

Better position your brand

Know their current mood and future outlook

Put yourself in the mindset of consumers in your target market. Know what keeps them up at night. Is it the environment? Their health? By knowing their concerns, you can address them or develop solutions to them.

Identify opportunities and threats

See what impacts their purchasing decisions

Understand how and where consumers buy to adjust your marketing messaging and shopping channels accordingly. Do friends influence decisions? Do they care about how and where products are made? If your brand supports a good cause? 

Improve brand perception and value

Get an overview of how they buy by category

Get the full details about how your target group in your target market views and consumes health, finance, mobility, technology, media, and much, much more for a true 360-degree picture of their lives.

The importance of getting to know your customers by market

Only by truly knowing what makes your customers tick can you deliver what they want. And, if you assume that the same messaging that works in one market will resonate everywhere, you risk losing out, or worse, sounding tone deaf. Consider this: 

  • Purchase influences: German consumers are less likely to rely on others when making purchasing decisions, whereas Brazilians tend to value others' opinions
  • Attitudes: American consumers think it is important to be exposed to others' viewpoints, whereas South Korean consumers feel more constrained to social norms
  • Technology: French consumers do not find technology exciting, whereas Russian consumers adopt new technology (but only in a highly pragmatic way - they want to learn it so that they are always reachable!)


influence on purchasing decision


market briefs

Insights from the most comprehensive consumer trend study in the world

Our Market Briefs are part of Consumer Life, the longest-standing consumer trend study in the world with insights from 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. Using these insights, we've created three Market Briefs for each country: 

  • Consumer Life Market Brief, which details general lifestyles, behavior, and attitudes
  • Tech & Digital Lifestyle Market Brief, which details attitudes, habits, and concerns around key digital devices and technologies
  • Future Buy Market Brief, which details emerging behaviors and needs around online and in-person shopping

Each report delivers a range of insight into the local consumer against a global benchmark. In combination, they provide a 360-degree view of the consumer that marketers need to innovate and market effectively.

Take a look at Consumer Life in your target market