If you know
how confident people feel about their future,
you can feel confident about your strategies.

A global pandemic. Recession. Movements for social justice. These truly are unprecedented times. Understand how consumers feel about the current climate.

Know how consumers are impacted by the current environment

With the COVID-19 crisis, an unstable economy, social movements and protests, and political and environmental uncertainty, 2020 has had a profound impact on people's lives, their beliefs, their actions and shopping behavior, and their future outlook. 

Are you clued in to how your consumers are coping with the events of 2020? Understanding the current mood of your target customers can help you identify potential opportunities as well as develop new strategies and messaging to address current concerns. Our Mood of The World report helps you gauge their personal concerns, their attitudes towards current buying conditions, the things they are buying, and their confidence about the future. Get a global overview or compare across markets.

Create a plan to address consumers' current attitudes

Adjust your plans based on the current environment. Our Mood of the World reports help you develop data-driven strategies to adapt to changes in consumers' attitudes and behaviors. We enable sales, marketing, product, and insights leaders to: 

Brand Insights

Understand concerns throughout the crisis

See the biggest concerns that consumers face and understand how those concerns changed by market as the COVID-19 crisis hit closer and closer to home. 

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Gauge confidence and future outlook 

Understand how consumers feel about their current personal economic situation and how they expect that situation to change in the coming months. 

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Know if they are buying now or later

Know whether consumers feel comfortable spending or if they plan to wait before making any big purchases, given their current economic situation. 

Marketing Effectiveness

See and hear directly from consumers

Get the full picture of the mood of your consumers and see how they are finding joy in these challenging times with qualitative data - quotes, pictures and snippets directly from them.

Adjusting based on current mood

Understanding consumer attitudes will allow you to adjust your strategies accordingly. Consider the following: 

  • Consumer confidence: Dipped 6% in developing regions to its lowest levels since 2013. Is now a good time to expand your business in these regions, or is it better to wait?
  • Top concerns: Having money to pay bills and unemployment are the top 1 and 2 concerns in many markets. Should you rethink that aggressive sales push?
  • Emerging trends: Some categories have taken off during 2020. Do you have an opportunity to grow, despite the unpredictable times?


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Insights from the most comprehensive consumer trend study in the world

Our Mood of the World reports are part of Consumer Life, the longest-standing consumer trend study in the world with insights from 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. This report delivers a range of insight into consumers' personal concerns, attitudes toward current buying conditions, and confidence about the future. It will help you understand their current mindsets and the best ways to market to them.  

Our Mood of the World report is available as part of the standard package to annual Consumer Life subscribers. 

Interested in understanding the current mood of the world?