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If you know which lifestyle choices people are making, you could be their brand of choice.

Get deep dive reports on specific lifestyle topics so you can adjust your strategies to meet your target group's needs.
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Know how consumers' lifestyles are changing

The current climate has made people rethink many of their habits and lifestyle choices. What are they doing to take care of their health and wellbeing? How are they using technology to connect with each other and to entertain themselves? Are they rethinking how and when they shop?

Having these insights will help you to get to know how your consumers' actions are changing so that you can adapt your strategies to reach them, as well as identify new areas of opportunity to fill unmet needs. Our Global Lifestyle reports take a deeper look at key trends as they are happening. Currently, we have reports on health and wellbeing, retail, and technology, and more are on their way. 

Insights to understand lifestyle changes

We have a flow of reports, each dedicated to a particular lifestyle topic. Delve into the lifestyle trend that relates to your brand to better understand your customers and how their needs are changing. We enable sales, marketing, product, and insights leaders to: 

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Incorporate your brand into consumers' lifestyles

By understanding how people are living their lives, you can meet them at the channels that matter in the moment. Consider the following: 

  • Their health: Many consumers have put an emphasis on their diet and their health, but 79% of people in the UK, US, Spain and Australia found messages surrounding health, food and nutrition confusing. Is your messaging clear?
  • Payments: Ecommerce took off during the pandemic, but people still buy certain goods in brick and mortar stores. Those that focus on an omni-channel strategy will win. What's your focus?
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Insights from the most comprehensive consumer trend study in the world

Our Global Lifestyle reports are part of Consumer Life, the longest-standing consumer trend study in the world with insights from 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. The Lifestyle Reports offer a deep dive into a specific lifestyle trend facing consumers today so that you can get to know how their attitudes and behaviors are changing.Our Global Lifestyle reports are available as part of the standard package to annual Consumer Life subscribers.

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