If you know
what people value the most,
you can drive brand loyalty.

Create more meaningful connections with consumers by positioning your brand in a way that is in line with what they care about most. 

Know what matters most to people

Personal values are the guiding principles in people's lives. They influence the way people live - their beliefs, their attitudes, their choices, and their behaviors. Do you know the personal values of the consumers that you want to target? And do you know what those values mean for your brand?

Imagine understanding people's deepest beliefs; truly getting to know what they hold closest to their hearts. You could develop products and features that meet their needs at a deeper level. You could position your brand in a way that resonates and builds a stronger connection, driving loyalty on a whole new level. You could differentiate your company from the competition. Our Value Factbook measures 57 personal values designed to encompass the human experience. It divides consumers into five segments to provide a useful way to understand and target groups of consumers.

Insights to build loyalty

Our Value Factbook helps you understand consumers' core beliefs so that you can adjust your strategies to show how you match their values.  We enable sales, marketing, product, and insights leaders to: 

Brand Insights

Get to know their core beliefs

Know what people care about most so that you can create products and messaging that resonate with their core values. 

Consumer & Shopper Intelligence

Understand how values change

See how global trends impact their core values so that you can adjust and identify potential new opportunities over time. 

user experience of application

See similarities and differences

Get a clear view of values across 25 countries to understand what values are similar and which are different across markets.

Marketing Effectiveness

Adjust your features and positioning

By understanding what matters most to people, you can rethink your products, messaging, and brand positioning so that they better resonate with your target group.

Create deeper connections with your target consumers

By understanding what guides people in their lives, you can build a relationship with your target customers. Consider the following: 

  • Changing values: While things like protecting the family generally remain steady year-to-year, some values are changing. Do you know which ones?
  • Rising values: Certain values, like protecting the environment, are on the rise. How will you address them?
  • Cultural differences: Values differ by country. Do you know what matters most in your target markets?


Macbook Pro values on the rise


Macbook Pro Cultural differences


Insights from the most comprehensive consumer trend study in the world

Our Value Factbook is part of Consumer Life, the longest-standing consumer trend study in the world with insights from 30,000 consumers in more than 25 countries. The Value Factbook measures 57 core values across five segments of consumers to help you understand what matters most to consumers and how those values are changing over time. These insights help you better connect with them in a meaningful way, which drives stronger brand loyalty. 

Our Value Factbook reports are available as part of the standard package to annual Consumer Life subscribers. 

Interested in understanding your consumers' values?