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Enabling agile price decisions
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Shape your wins every day with verified pricing and promo insights

GfK's Daily Pricing Monitor is a fully-automated data collection, monitoring and analysis suite for tariff-based products  like telecoms, tablets, and mobile computers.

Allowing you to spot real opportunities in this competitive environment by simplifying pricing complexity.

Precise data at your fingertips allows you to track key metrics across all devices and their associated tariffs, respond quickly to changes, and ensure your pricing stays relevant and attractive to consumers.

Sharpen your competitive edge with up-to-date pricing insights from Daily Pricing Monitor.

Today’s winners are agile and data-driven


of companies using pricing analysis tools exceeded their business goals
(source: Deloitte)


of outperformers generate more than half their revenue by optimizing pricing and sales tactics on their digital channels (vs 25% of slow-growers)
(source: McKinsey)


more growth on average experienced by data-driven businesses
(source: Forrester)

Empower Your Pricing Strategy

Data-driven insights to stay on top of ever-changing markets
  • Global coverage with agility:
    Covering data in 25 countries with the capability to expand into new markets in just 2-3 days. Our tool allows swift integration of new retailers, ensuring your pricing strategy never skips a beat.
  • Address key business needs:
    Get quick solutions to your crucial business questions ­­­­- from pricing and promotions to your go-to-market strategy, brand & device management, and how to foster market partnerships.
  • Custom alerts and reporting:
    Stay informed when crucial changes occur. Save precious time with custom reporting and alerts tailored to your individual needs.

Drive Decisions with Daily Guidance

Embrace agility with the latest pricing intelligence
  • Daily intelligence for fast decisions:
    With more than one million devices and service combinations processed twice daily, our tool allows you to adjust, plan, and run discussions with stakeholders based on the most current data.
  • Simplify a complex industry:
    Our tool allows you to monitor price information directly from chosen websites for market-leading accuracy. This form of standardized and scaled benchmarking allows you to easily navigate the complex market.
  • Manage promotions and special offers:
    Monitor price information directly from chosen websites for market-leading accuracy. This form of standardized and scaled benchmarking allows you to easily navigate the complex market.

Unleash the Power of Comprehensive and Accurate Insights

Win your market with actionable and precise pricing data

  • Grow your market share: Understand the factors driving pricing changes to make fast and effective adjustments that push your brand to greater heights.
  • Advanced pricing analysis: Download raw data into your exiting dashboards, enabling you to develop predictive models. Then examine price elasticity and other in-depth analytics to seize the opportunities you uncover.
  • Reliable data quality: All data is subject to a multi-layer quality assurance review and analyzed by pricing experts in multiple sectors.


  • We cannot remain as agile and competitive without it. To try and replicate that data in any other way would cost way too much and would be almost impossible to manage. There is nothing better out there for getting to the heart of the deals in the quickest way possible.”
    Leading UK Telecoms Retailer, Jul-2020

Daily Pricing Monitor is part of GfK’s Online Pricing Solutions suite

Convert pricing data into actionable strategies that strengthen your market position