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Take control of pricing and proposition decisions

Our Daily Pricing Monitor gives leading manufacturers, mobile network operations and retailers always-on insights across global telecom segments

Insights to react quickly to changing market dynamics

The global telecoms market is fiercely competitive and complex. To win in this environment, players need to react and respond to changing market dynamics fast. Access to reliable, accurate data is vital to make business-critical decisions on promotions and propositions, respond to competitor activity and support partner discussions.

GfK's Daily Pricing Monitor is a fully-automated data collection, monitoring and analysis suite for the telecoms sector. Covering over 250 retailers in 30 countries, the solution provides essential price insight across all devices in the Postpay. PAYG, Sim-Free, Sim-Only and Broadband Service segments. GfK's Daily Pricing Monitoring is designed to meet your needs with customized reporting and alerts tailored to notify you of changes important to you. We can add new retailers and markets based on your unique business needs with only a two- to three-day lead time.


Our Daily Pricing Monitor powers pricing and proposition strategies for leading manufacturers, mobile network operators and retailers

Intelligence for pricing, category, retail, sales, and business insights teams to understand, adjust, and plan according to real-time intelligence.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Track key pricing metrics across all devices

Follow critical pricing metrics, including final sales price, discount amount, total cost of ownership and upfront cost for you and competitors to ensure that you are competitively prices.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Experience offers exactly as your customers do

Take a walk in consumer's shoes. Gain visibility into the offers your current and potential customers are exposed to, with prices tracked and reported at individual retailer and site level.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Create and manage promotions and special offers

Create offers that resonate with your customers while ensuring that prices are sustainable and drive business growth. Ensure that your devices are positioned correctly to drive your brand aspiration.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Define, calculate, and maximize margins

Calculate margins and adjust pricing quickly to ensure that you are working to maximize your margins, that price changes are suitable, and that you understand what's driving pricing changes.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Develop winning launch and go-to-market strategies

Understand current pricing in market, categories and retailers to build go-to-market pricing strategies by taking the right devices with the right positioning and pricing to the right markets.

GfK Daily Pricing Tracker - Retail Price Analysis for Telecoms Sector
Build predictive modeling and advanced pricing analysis

Download the raw data and incorporate it into your existing business dashboards or allow your BI/data science team to develop predictive modeling, deep analysis of price elasticity, and more.

Built for speed and simplicity

Move quickly to stay ahead of the competition with our simple dashboard, reports, and custom alerts.

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Make agile price decision with offers of more than one million device and services combinations, processed on a twice-daily basis. Relevant data currency supports discussions between operators, manufacturer & retailers.

Simple to use and understand
Monitor price information directly from sites for market leading accuracy. The complex Postpay market becomes simple with standardized and scaled benchmarking.

Custom alerts and insights
Save time processing price data and make decisions faster with custom reporting and alerts that are built for your needs.

Comprehensive and accurate insights

Our robust data coverage ensures you get the most reliable and actionable insights to drive your business into the future.

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Leading data quality and accuracy
Enjoy peace of mind that your data is the most accurate on the market. Insights are subject to a multi-layer quality assurance review, and the product is led and analyzed by experts in the Telecoms sector.

Tracking it all
Get fast insights on new offers within your category. We track all models so that you gain immediate insight on new model launches and tariff offers as they enter into the market.