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Take control of your online pricing strategies

GfK Online Pricing Solutions supports the execution of your strategic planning with dynamic price scraping and analytic tools to enhance your competitive standing in the online retail landscape.
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Shape your company's future with trusted pricing intelligence

Online Pricing Solutions from GfK offers a comprehensive toolset that empowers you to streamline your pricing and promotion strategies. Our platform equips you with intelligent analytics and automated price change recommendations to help streamline your daily promotional activities. 

Transform billions of data points per day into actionable insights, so you can keep a pulse on the competitive landscape and rapidly respond to pricing opportunities within your market.

Delivering enhanced strategies with confident pricing

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Daily Pricing Monitor:

Enabling agile price decisions

The GfK Daily Pricing Monitor is providing leading Telecom Operators, specialist Telecom Retailers and Manufacturer brands with access to over 1 million device and tariff offers. Enabling them to make Price & Proposition decisions based on live market benchmarking.
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Sharpen your competitive edge with GfK’s dynamic pricing tools

Our Online Pricing Solutions offer a range of products, allowing you to develop winning launch strategies and save time processing price data with custom reporting and alerts.  

Our products reflect the current state of the market, providing you with up-to-date insights to navigate through the competitive marketplace with confidence.
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    Online Pricing Solutions, specifically Online Price Monitoring, has allowed us to streamline price analysis processes and save time. It is also a great support for tactical decision-making to achieve strategic objectives.
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    The Online Price Monitoring tool is effectively supporting us with online price and other related eCommerce intel. With GfK’s Online Pricing Solutions, we have a great visibility into the online part of the relevant market.

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