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Understand and optimize your customer journey

Get deep insights into shopper knowledge to understand what drives consumption and purchase patterns and how to target specific groups with your products
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Improving the path-to-purchase is vital for brands today

There are are so many different ways that consumers and shoppers go about researching and buying products, engaging with brands, and becoming loyal, repeat customers. Making sense of it all can be a challenge for even the most skilled marketer.

Yet, shoppers and consumers expect brands to deliver a consistent and wow-worthy customer experience, no matter how they choose to interact. So how can you create the ultimate customer journey that will impress shoppers and keep them coming back for more?

It starts with having the right access to data and the right partners and expertise to consult when needed. You need to understand which factors drive purchase decisions, major changes in buying patterns, how you stack up to the competition, what people think about your brand, and more. Only then can you develop winning customer journey strategies.

With GfK Customer Journey solutions, FMCG, Technology Products & Durables, and Retail leaders can use robust data and GfK’s consultative expertise to better understand, improve, and optimize the entire customer journey. These solutions enable brands to reach new audiences, generate more demand, and increase brand loyalty.


of consumers expect businesses to know their expectations


additional net income from a 10% increase in data accessibility


more likely to acquire new customers if you're a data-driven businesses
  • We see GfK’s Consumer Insights Engine as a tool for any briefing, and for any campaign. We rely on it to plan ad hoc marketing campaigns to supplement our scheduled activities. With the insights into which consumers buy which products, what channels they use to shop, and their reasons to purchase, we have the information we need to prepare tactical campaigns fast. We can react to competitors’ campaigns and promotions to protect and defend our position. The dashboard allows us to adapt our campaigns with relevant products and messages and create new actions as needed for each one of them. Of course, these learnings feed into our longer-term planning cycles too.
    Olga Rodríguez
    Business Intelligence – Digital transformation & MARCOM, Samsung Spain

Making sense of customer attitudes and actions at each stage of the decision-making process

Understanding your audience is the first step in planning and optimizing your customer journey. From there, you can develop the right positioning, channel and touchpoint planning, engagement tactics, and more. And, you can continuously optimize along the way!

GfK helps brands to understand and build out their customer journeys. Backed with a combination of diverse data from one single source, the NIQ Consumer Panel, FMCG leaders will receive solutions tailored to their specific needs, from ready-to-use consumer profiles to data feeds to out-of-the-box consulting and workshops. Technology Products & Durables and Retail leaders have access to gfknewron Consumer, a self-serve, online platform, which provides insights at an unprecedented scale by combining point of sale data with surveys from millions of recent buyers, as well as feedback from online consumer reviews and consulting services.

With these services, you’ll know:
  • Who is buying my products?
  • What do people think of my brand versus the competition?
  • What factors are crucial for shoppers to purchase my products?
  • Where do my lost shoppers buy and why?
  • How and why has shopper behavior changed in a particular category?
  • How are my products used? Is that its intended use?
  • How satisfied are buyers with my products?
So that you can reach new audiences, generate more demand for your products, command a premium, and delight your current buyers to increase lifetime value.

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