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Strengthen your financial decision-making with the world's most comprehensive point-of-sale data.
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Drive performance with real-time consumer demand insights

As tech companies innovate faster and markets change quickly, access to the largest consumer electronics and durables point-of-sale global dataset means you can make smarter and more timely investment decisions. 

GfK Boutique measures consumer end demand trends, offering fundamental and granular insights into industries and companies from consumer technology and home appliances to smaller retail segments. We use our proprietary data to offer timely, unique and incremental demand analysis that is a true reflection of final end demand.


retailer, reseller and distributor partnerships (online and offline)

180 million+

SKUs tracked - capturing online and offline product sales


countries covered - offering a global view

GfK Boutique Research captures proprietary sales data in over 300 product categories, including:

GfK Boutique: An expert on investment insights in the consumer technology and durables market

Get answers to your specific market questions, such as...

  • Are flagship or legacy handheld models in higher demand this quarter vs. the previous one?
    We break the answers down to the granular SKU level.

  • How did holiday promotions impact home appliance average selling price (ASP) vs. their impact last year?
    We provide data on several levels, including the country, brand and model.

  • Is the average size of glass panels for TVs expected to grow or decline?
    GfK Boutique's proprietary data and timely analyst insights and predictions can answer all of these questions and more, providing you with both the "forest" and the "trees".

Insights in action

Get a preview of GfK Boutique's comprehensive data insights and expertise during BattleFin's Discovery Day.
  • We add our own research and forecasting on top of our proprietary point-of-sale (PoS) data, enabling unmatched predictability to key reported company metrics; GfK is the largest provider in the world of proprietary consumer electronics and consumer durables Point-of-Sales data, across 300 product categories.
    Stefan Ferrari-Peinl
    Global Client Solutions Lead, GfK Boutique
  • We capture "everything on the box" – for example, not just the PC model itself but the GPU, CPU, memory and peripheral equipment that comes with it.
    Andy Romeu
    Research Director, GfK Boutique
  • The proprietary Point-of-Sales data panels were built to measure consumer end demand for manufacturers. In fact, 2/3 of the companies on our coverage list and over 75 premier hedge fund clients trust GfK's data as critical, objective, and quantifiable input to run their businesses more effectively.
    Adam Kurtzer
    Sales Director, GfK Boutique
  • We offer an unparalleled capture rate of 60%-80% of what companies report – with a 7-day lag, not only do we have all three months of a quarter, but data points into the guide quarter before Earning Reports come out.
    Cedric Mertes
    Commercial Director, GfK Boutique


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