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Leverage big data and turn it into smart data to give yourself a competitive edge
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Make strategic and timely investments by turning big data into smart data

In today's high competitive environment, tech companies need to innovate faster, accelerate speeds to market, and shorten product lifecycles. As a result, investors need access to the richest, most up-to-date data on product demand, in order to understand how it will affect the fundamental development and results for the company.

Leveraging its access to the largest global Point-of-Sale (PoS) database in the world, GfK Boutique aggregates, synthesizes, and analyzes this data into actionable insights – turning big data into smart data, foundation for your business intelligence.  

Our data is comparable across all covered countries and regions. It includes sales and unit values at the SKU level, in addition to average selling price (ASP). GfK Boutique, a global subsidiary of GfK, measures the economic environment for hundreds of brands, spanning from consumer technology and home appliances to smaller consumer segments. We offer timely, unique and incremental demand insights that are a true reflection of Final End Demand.



GfK Boutique data helps your investment firm by providing:

  • A level of granularity that enables unique insights into company performance compared to reported metrics
  • Proprietary PoS data that is sourced directly through data-sharing agreements on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • A database that includes 500,000+ retailers, resellers, distributors, VARs and mobile carriers in 75+ countries – representing around 1 million Point of Sales.
  • An unparalleled capture rate of 60 to 80% of what the companies report to the financial community.
  • Model-level data on consumer purchases that gives visibility into end-demand for both brand and product.
  • Correlations between GfK data and your company's reported data for all forecasted brands - demonstrating a strong level of historical accuracy. 
  • Data marked with ISIN numbers for easy ingestion into investor models and strategies.