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Grow your brand by targeting the right people at the right time

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Uncover and reach your target groups with the highest potential

Developing the right market segmentation strategy has become more complex than ever. What once was a project that would get refreshed every few years now needs regular updating to drive both your longer-term business strategy and objectives, as well as short term sales tactics. And as it gets perfected, your segmentation and targeting efforts are only successful when you can get your entire organization behind them. 

Get the insights you need to grow by placing the consumer at the center of your business activities
Crafting effective marketing and shopper strategies that drive sales growth and brand loyalty requires a detailed knowledge of consumers’ mindsets, their category behavior, and their underlying values.

GfK’s strategic Segmentation and Targeting solutions cover a range of business needs for Technology Products & Durables, FMCG, automotive, retail and media leaders – from out of the box tools like Consumer Reports that allow you to quickly track changing behaviors and attitudes to in-depth consulting and frameworks that help you grow your brand on both the short and long term so you can gain market share, reach, and relevance.


more likely to have brand positioning fit to clearly-defined target groups among high growth companies (McKinsey)


of CEOs are now banking on marketing leaders to drive growth (McKinsey)

How it works

GfK’s Segmentation and Targeting solutions are backed by GfK’s 50 years’ experience in market intelligence, segmentation studies, gfkconsult expertise, and analysis from GfK’s Consumer Life, the most comprehensive and longest-standing consumer trend study in the world.  These rich insights enable you to:

  • Craft distinctive messaging, products, and propositions for your target groups with the highest potential to grow your brand in the short and long term
  • Develop a deeper relationship and drive loyalty by unlocking relevance and authenticity with your segments 
  • Guide all business activities - from innovation to marketing strategies - with a future-looking strategy of who to target and how large of an opportunity that segment represents
  • Track and react fast on new markets, innovation opportunities, consumer targets, and changing consumer values and intent
  • Understand the impact of different generational cohorts on your business
  • Effectively connect all relevant GfK data (geographical data, media measurement, market insights, and more) to develop robust customer segmentations that can be rolled out across your organization with playbooks, consulting services, and more
  • Uncover white spaces and keep pace with early adopters, so you can quickly spot unmet needs and develop the right products that fill them.
  • Target your most valuable segments to improve brand strength, optimize marketing, and drive ROI.
  • Tap into consumers’ values and core beliefs to develop inclusive strategies that leave no one behind, and create more meaningful campaigns and messaging that resonate with your target groups.
  • Segmentation conducted with GfK helped us get deep understanding of our core and secondary target groups and provided valuable insights for brand activation.
    Daniela Eder
    Director Portfolio & Brand, share GmbH

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