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Generate demand by understanding the attitudes and behaviors of your shoppers and consumers

Activate your target group and drive sales volume by understanding who they are, what matters, and how to impact their purchasing decisions
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How can you generate demand in today’s volatile market?

Today, marketers and business leaders are faced with more challenges than ever before – the speed of change has accelerated due to external forces, new technologies, unstructured data overload, and more. All of this rapid change has made it difficult to keep up with shopper attitudes and behaviors.

But understanding – and staying ahead of – how your target group’s attitudes and behaviors are changing is more vital than ever before. From personal preferences and purchasing behavior to satisfying their needs with your product and creating brand loyalty.
The companies that successfully navigate this change can use it to develop precise targeting, optimal positioning, innovative products, and ultimately, find ways to generate higher demand for their brand and products.

With GfK Attitude and Behavior solutions, FMCG and Technology Products & Durables leaders can better understand consumer trends, their attitudes, behaviors and the motives behind it to develop marketing, product, and sales strategies that drive demand and improve ROI.


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Attitude and behavior data drives your growth strategies

Understand how people think and what they do to develop data-driven strategies for sustainable growth. Backed with a combination of diverse data from one single source, the NIQ Consumer Panel, FMCG leaders will receive tailored solutions and consulting to understand their specific needs. Technology Products & Durables and Retail leaders have access to gfknewron Consumer, a self-serve, online platform, which provides insights at an unprecedented scale by combining point of sale data with surveys from millions of recent buyers, as well as feedback from online consumer reviews, as well as consulting services. Within these services, you’ll know:

  • Who your target group is and what their wants, needs, and pain points are
  • How your different target groups compare and contrast, and what that means for your positioning and products
  • What motivates your target group(s) to buy, and how they find products
  • How you stack up to the competition, where you are losing market share, and which competitors you are gaining from
  • How satisfied your shoppers and consumers are and where opportunities lie to drive loyalty/lifetime value
  • Which evolving trends will change market structures

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Demand generation (attitudes & behaviors) is part of our consumer and shopper intelligence solutions

Discover your target customers to understand how they think, act and buy.