Human vs AI: Can ChatGPT outsmart a CMO?

GfK’s CMO, Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, goes head-to-head against the latest craze in AI, ChatGPT, to debate the latest trends and how marketing leaders should pivot based on them. Can robots really take over our jobs?
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Who will come out on top – Human or AI?

From brand purpose to data access to where and how technology can support (or replace?) us, we’ll tackle a few big marketing challenges for the year ahead. Don’t miss our quick-fire round in which a human attempts to outsmart the artificial intelligence.

Human vs AI-generated social ads – which perform better?

We've A/B tested paid social ads for the Human vs AI video debate to see if AI copy performs better than copy written by a human. The results of our experiment are now in. Find out who won and be the first to receive other exclusive insights from GfK.

Why are we having this debate?

GfK has used AI to power its market intelligence data and insights for many years. When the recent craze started, we naturally got excited to explore what is possible with the latest advancements. We were curious how far we could stretch the power of AI and how close it can get to humans. That’s how we got the novel idea of a debate between our CMO and an AI. We were mind blown in the process: by the comprehensive answers, the quality of the animated avatar, the ease of giving it a voice.

After having played with the different tools ourselves, we’re excited about integrating these into our daily routines to create more time for work that we’re passionate about.

Meet Ruby, our fully AI-generated humanoid robot

After picking our topics to debate we briefed ChatGPT on all questions. Next we used the AI design tool Studio D-ID to create the animated avatar of Ruby the Robot. Finally, we gave her a voice with Eleven Labs. Then we hit the film set to shoot the debate. In addition, we used Beatoven AI to produce the video intro and outro music.



Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva


Gonzalo is a results-oriented CMO with a creative approach, combining an engineering background with a flair for marketing. His industry expertise spans tech and Consumer Goods, Software, FMCG, Consulting and IT Services, and he has helped steer companies like GfK, Bloomberg and Fujitsu to success. His strategic clarity and know-how of managing high-budget, global advertising campaigns and GTM strategies, from brand growth to lead generation, delivers proven commercial results and award-winning campaigns.

Margaret Ady

Huble VP of Strategic Marketing and CX Services

As VP of Strategic Marketing and CX Services at Huble, Margaret leads Huble's strategic marketing services, which includes the oversight of one of Huble's largest accounts, GfK. In addition, Margaret manages a team of subject matter experts who consult across the marketing spectrum to ensure Huble provides the best strategic solutions for all of our clients.

Ruby Robot


Ruby is an audio-visual CMO interface powered by artificial intelligence. In this instance, the AI is ChatGPT, a large language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT can converse on a wide range of topics, from science and technology to entertainment and current events. Its capabilities have been used in a variety of applications, including chatbots, language translation, and text generation. With its sophisticated natural language processing, ChatGPT continues to push the boundaries of AI language technology.

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