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Market access strategy

Strategically, market access is about packaging data in the right way, for the right customer, at the right time.

We provide full support for the development and implementation of your market access strategyWe cover:

the implications your product may have on the wider healthcare market

the impact the changing healthcare market will have on your product

preparing a positive healthcare environment which supports uptake of your product

communicating the “value” of your product to the range of customers who influence uptake

scanning the therapy area environmental
, to help you to achieve this.

  • Pricing assessment and strategy
  • Payer research
  • Key opinion leader (KOL), physician and patient research
  • Health economic assessment and modelling
  • Reimbursement negotiation strategy
  • Preparation of core reimbursement dossiers
  • Development and testing of value propositions and messaging
  • Product lifecycle and portfolio strategy
  • Pricing, reimbursement and market access due diligence

Pricing and Reimbursement

We combine a deep understanding of the global pricing and reimbursement systems with unique access to payers, clinicians and patients. We use this insight to help optimize your pricing and reimbursement for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and medical device products, at all stages of development and in all key geographic markets.

The stages of development include:

  • DevelopmentPricing and reimbursement landscape assessment

    Market access strategy planning

    Payer mapping

    Due diligence

    Patient flow charts

    Doctors and patient research and uptake assessment

    Stakeholder value messaging testing

    Pricing opportunity assessment and strategy development
  • Pre-launch pricing strategyCommercialization strategy

    Coverage analysis

    Coding strategy

    Payer research to verify coverage, coding, payment scenarios

    Advocacy and demand creation

    Policy analysis

    Coordinating value propositions

    Health economic modelling
  • LaunchLaunch sequencing

    Salesforce training

    Payer value propositions and value messaging

    Reimbursement content development

    Payer value dossiers

    Contracting/negotiation strategy
  • Post-launchLifecycle management strategies

    Reimbursement troubleshooting

    Value message refinement

    Coverage/coding/payment reviews

    Post market analysis

    Public sector strategies

    Competitive gatekeeper strategies

Health economics

Healthcare agencies and payers are demanding economic analyses of the cost/benefit and budgetary impact of new drugs and medical devices. Safety and efficacy studies are no longer sufficient for optimal market access, so we provide the information and insightGuidance on clinical development plans

Health economic modelling

Budget impact studies

Modelling to support health technology appraisals in different countries
necessary to address these issues.​

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Timothy A J FitzgeraldGlobal Lead, Market Access