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Seiko and Epson
  • gfknewron Market and Predict have enabled us to take a significant qualitative leap in our dynamic and highly competitive sector. With constant access to up-to-date market, consumer and brand intelligence, it has become an essential element of our business planning. In particular, we maximize the unique simulations and forecasts to adjust our marketing and sales activities to respond fast to emerging trends and customer needs.
    Maite Riaza
    Consumer and Channel Sales Director, Epson Iberica

Staying ahead in a constantly changing market

Epson is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of inkjet, dot matrix and thermal printers and scanners. It is a complex and fast-moving market and the Spanish business has long relied on GfK to provide them with the intelligence it needs to compete effectively. GfK’s team has built up a deep understanding of the printing market and associated sectors. This expertise combined with demand-side sales intelligence and associated insights on consumer behavior and brand feeds directly into Epson’s strategic and tactical planning.

Plan and execute effective marketing campaigns

The heaviest users of the gfknewron platform at Epson Spain are the marketing and sales teams. With 24/7 access to up-to-date intelligence, it has become the go-to resource for defining and planning marketing and retailer campaigns. The instant insight into sales movements in real-time and the competition’s response provided by gfknewron Market has significantly impacted Epson’s performance. 

The power of prediction and simulation

Armed with gfknewron Predict, Epson also benefits from the unique ability to forecast the effect of potential campaigns and simulate their likely results. This rich predictive source helps Epson’s team execute the right marketing activities and optimize them at speed. One of the most valuable features is the ability to measure price elasticity, replicating the likely result of rises or drops, vital in Epson’s crowded sector. The player has been empowered by the ability to create these scenarios, enabling the team to respond to emerging market and consumer trends in an informed, data-driven way. The end result is a brand that is better able to meet the needs of both its B2B and B2C customers.

A relationship based on trust

Epson and GfK enjoy a close working relationship of many years. Epson appreciates GfK’s detailed knowledge of its market and the team’s proactive and flexible approach. There is a high level of trust between the two organizations that allows them not only to collaborate closely but to constantly challenge each other, essential for success in Epson’s highly competitive and fast-moving market.
  • We live in moments of constant change and a very dynamic market. We have trusted GfK for years to help us navigate and win with their knowledge of the printing market and up-to-date market and consumer intelligence.
    Maite Riaza
    Consumer and Channel Sales Director, Epson Iberica

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