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Facts & Figures

Stockholm, Sweden
48,000 worldwide
  • We wanted to add depth to our sales intelligence and bring context and color to the consumer journey. Supported by GfK’s experienced team, we delved into the details to understand how consumers value our product attributes by category and features, the influence of different channels, and the importance of our brand. This rich insight is an invaluable resource that informs so many of our decisions."
    Kristina Thorén
    Senior Insight & Analytics Manager, Electrolux

Focusing on what consumers want from the brand

Electrolux and GfK have a working relationship that spans four decades and covers Europe, North and Latin America and APAC. In this project in the Nordics, the home appliance manufacturer wanted to both broaden its understanding of the consumer journey and hone in on the details at a product level. What are the brand values and product features that consumers most care about? Which channels and touchpoints influence the purchase journey? Do shoppers in each of the four regional markets behave differently? How much importance is placed on the customer experience?

The ultimate goal of the custom work was to use consumer-centric insight to feed into planning at both strategic and tactical levels. The project used qualitative and quantitative methodologies to put shopper behavior in context and in particular, evaluate the inspiration and discovery phases of the customer journey.

  • It was a pleasure to work with the experts at GfK. Their knowledge of our business enabled them to encourage us to question key stages of the shopper journey to identify where improvements could be made. Nothing was left to chance and this gave us total confidence in the approach. The team has an incredible commitment to meeting our goals. Weekly calls during the project ensured we were uncovering the insights we needed and we continue to benefit from regular and proactive support from the team.
    Kristina Thorén
    Senior Insight & Analytics Manager, Electrolux Nordics

Embracing a data-driven approach

Electrolux’s senior leadership team has embraced this data-driven approach. It uses the insight to confirm the business is on the right path, meeting customer needs now and into the future. The research is a robust foundation for planning at business, category and product levels.

Customizing communications to reflect consumer expectations

With insight at a topline and detailed level, the research has informed decisions made in product, marketing and communications. The ability to adjust brand and product narratives to more closely match consumer behavior, attitudes and pain points has proven to be extremely valuable. Media plans have been adapted to focus on the online and offline channels Electrolux discovered shoppers were using the most. Messaging has been refined to have maximum impact, focusing on the consumer needs and expectations revealed in the project. With feedback on the slight differences in behavior in the four markets, these plans reflect the local nuances revealed in the research.

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