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The art & science of marketing leadership today

Discover the essential issues and decisions facing marketing leaders today

To succeed, today’s marketing leaders must combine art, science and intuition in the face of unprecedented consumer expectations.

Navigating this new role demands data-driven insights and human expertise that provide actionability, relevance, and a boldness to stand out.
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The high-velocity data marketer
In partnership with the CMO Council, find out the latest trends impacting marketing leaders today and how data drives impact. Get the latest report to see what marketing leaders do to leverage data for winning strategies.
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Master shopper behavior changes in FMCG
How are shoppers reacting to often drastic budget squeezes? Worldwide inflation is jumping in peaks unknown for decades. Food and energy prices are skyrocketing, and consumers are feeling the pinch. Better predict their coping strategies and spot growth opportunities: Get insights from GfK consumer panels and our comprehensive, bespoke survey.
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What does the future CMO look like?

Get more on the latest thinking — from how to make the most of martech stacks, to how data can bring marketers closer to their customers in demanding times. Plus, learn how to spot inflation opportunities, leverage Gen Z insights, and more!
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Getting to high-velocity data marketing

What’s holding marketing leaders back from adopting agile and connected data systems? And what capabilities separate the high performers from the rest? Get the latest infographic snapshot to see what marketing leaders do to leverage data and craft winning strategies.
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How to shake-up your strategic planning

Data overload, time scarcity, multiple priorities, and accelerated market change are all competing for the attention of today’s leaders. How can you keep up? What does your strategic plan look like today, and how should it change for tomorrow? Learn what Jutta Langer, our VP of gfkconsult has to say.
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Stake your claim: Be at the forefront of business strategy
Explore how to combat prevalent market forces head on. Improve your business strategy by anticipating and overcoming a myriad of challenges: start with at-a-glance insights from our Brand Unchained report.
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40% of top performing marketers cite fast, actionable insights from data as key to their success. Unlock the same competitive advantage. Download the CMO Council report for more.