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Human vs AI: Can ChatGPT outsmart a CMO?

Watch GfK’s CMO, Gonzalo Garcia Villanueva, go up against ChatGPT, to debate the latest trends and how marketing leaders should pivot based on them. From brand purpose and sustainability, to data access and the role of technology, the debate covers hot marketing topics and challenges for 2023.
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Sustainability is what consumers want, even as they battle under inflation.

Help consumers make purchases that don’t cost the earth. For example, retail consumers are changing their values around plastic waste and shopping behavior at a rapid pace. Learn what actions to take in our Who Cares Who Does Report.

Inflation is causing sudden shifts in consumer and market behavior. Adapt and respond rapidly to secure your competitive advantage.

Counter the effects of economic turbulence with bold, actionable and relevant strategies based on data-driven insights crafted specifically for marketing leaders.

Key insights for the future-forward marketing leader.

Always-on, always-fresh updates on the hottest topics and trends affecting marketing movers and shakers. 

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The high-velocity data marketer
In partnership with the CMO Council, find out the latest trends impacting marketing leaders today and how data drives impact. Get the latest report to see what marketing leaders do to leverage data for winning strategies.
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The CMOs guide to building data-driven customer connections
High-velocity data marketing promises real-time answers to consumer demands; but to keep those promises, marketers need essential trust in their data. Learn 3 data mistakes to avoid on page 7 of this Raconteur report in the Sunday Times.
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What does the future CMO look like?

Get more on the latest thinking — from how to make the most of martech stacks, to how data can bring marketers closer to their customers in demanding times. Plus, learn how to spot inflation opportunities, leverage Gen Z insights, and more!
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Getting to high-velocity data marketing

What’s holding marketing leaders back from adopting agile and connected data systems? And what capabilities separate the high performers from the rest? Get the latest infographic snapshot to see what marketing leaders do to leverage data and craft winning strategies.
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Ascend Data Marketing’s Maturity Curve

Nearly 80% of marketing leaders say data, analytics and insights are crucial to winning and retaining customers. Keep your competitive advantage: Watch our webinar and learn how to ascend the data maturity curve to become a top performing data marketer.
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Unleash Tech and Data On Your Customer Behavior Data
Marketing leaders must optimize their tech and data capabilities. This includes making AI a pervasive presence when segmenting, personalizing and predicting buyer behavior. Get an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities in this recorded webinar.
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