Bedford, Mass. USA
1,915 (March 2023)
Total number of robots sold
Nearly 50 million

Facts & Figures

1,156 (January 2023)
Annual revenue
$1.18 billion (2022)

Product used

  • It is essential for manufacturers to be able to compare their own growth rates with the overall market to gain a timely understanding of where they are positioned. gfknewron automatically organizes the data we need to see on the platform and provides a comprehensive overview of the market. In addition, if we need to see trends in best-selling models, prices, and other movements over a weekly, monthly or quarterly period, the data is instantly available on the gfknewron platform. Previously we had to work with manpower, now we can work more efficiently and also make quick decisions."
    Takeshi Yamada
    Senior Director, APAC Marketing/Japan New Business Development, iRobot Japan
iRobot is a leading global consumer robot company that designs and builds home robots and smart devices. Featuring proprietary technology, its devices aim to help people make their homes easier to maintain, more efficient, more secure, and healthier places to live.

Understanding and protecting market position

iRobot Japan approached GfK with the goal of understanding its market position in order to protect and enhance its leadership status. In particular, it wanted to understand its market share compared to the competition. The player now subscribes to weekly and monthly point-of-sale data delivered through the gfknewron Market platform.

Maintaining iRobot’s leadership status

With 24/7 access to GfK’s intelligence, the team at iRobot is able to monitor market movements, identify which models and features are the most popular, and evaluate pricing trends over a weekly, monthly, or quarterly period. The commercial executives in marketing, advertising, and sales can quickly assess the success of current approaches and pivot tactics to maximize emerging patterns of behavior. iRobot’s team regularly discusses these developments with the specialists at GfK so they can make informed decisions rooted in rich data and sector expertise.
  • One of the great benefits of gfknewron is that it is so simple to access, meaning everyone can and does use it. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the vast amount of data that is available to us as business leaders today. Our collaboration with GfK gives us the ability to hone in on what is important in order to prioritize and accelerate those actions that will make a positive improvement to our business strategy and tactics."
    Takeshi Yamada
    Senior Director, APAC Marketing/Japan New Business Development, iRobot Japan

Releasing valuable resources to focus on delivering results

iRobot was an early adopter of gfknewron, subscribing to from the outset of the client/agency relationship. Not only does the intelligence in gfknewron Market and from the GfK team form the basis of the manufacturer’s business strategy in Japan, but it has freed valuable team time from analyzing datasets which has been refocused into delivering results.

A effective partnership

iRobot and GfK enjoy a close and effective working relationship. The two speak daily to discuss market movements and meet quarterly to discuss big-picture strategic and tactical matters.

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