GfK's Brand Campaign Evaluator

Leverage OTT/TV + social media mix for end-to-end campaign insights


Get rich, fully integrated insights on your campaign's performance

Compared to just a few years ago, today’s consumer/media relationship is almost unrecognizable. Trends toward increased usage of streaming TV and social media have only accelerated during lockdowns, with 7 in 10 ad dollars now flowing to digital media. Marketers and planners need to rethink their assumptions about ad planning and measurement – and meet the growing demand for proof of performance.

Too many of today’s ad metrics sit in siloes, resisting a unified approach to measuring ad effects and brand lift. Marketers can measure TV or social, reach and frequency or brand awareness and health – one market at a time.

To meet the needs of today’s market, campaign measurement needs to:

  • Evaluate the impact of campaigns on brand equity measures
  • Provide a reliable picture of ad exposure through passive data
  • Inform optimization of TV / OTT and social media mix to effectively target and message to key audiences
  • Measure global campaigns via a scaled solution

GfK is delivering on these needs with its Brand Campaign Evaluator

The GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator is an all-in-one system for assessing campaign proof of performance that leverages OTT/TV and Facebook® ad exposure data with sophisticated campaign and brand analyses.

First, through comprehensive audience insights, you can define your campaign’s channel performance on reach and targeting. Focusing on social media and OTT/TV, you’ll find out:

  • Which channels are driving reach?
  • Who was reached by the campaign?
  • Did your targeting strategy succeed?

Then, GfK expands the frame with a complete look at channel impact on your brand KPIs. This empowers you to understand the role of each channel for managing your brand:

  • Did the campaign strengthen your brand?
  • What channels are important to build your brand?

The result is a uniquely rich understanding of your campaign’s achievements across goals and media platforms.


GfK’s system leverages key partnerships and data resources

GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator
Facebook and Instagram ad exposure data –

who has seen your ad on key social platforms

GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator
Additional Social Media Channels –

measured through an enhanced Opportunity To See (OTS) model

GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator
TVision Insights –

a unique approach to measuring TV ad exposure and engagement

GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator
Opt-in surveys -

obtaining custom insights from the same consumers

GfK Brand Campaign Evaluator
MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® -

the definitive study of consumer behaviors