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1/3 of CMOs now rank brand strategy as one of their top three strategic priorities. And, in today’s fast-moving climate where customers are in charge, with higher expectations from the brands they buy and love, these CMOs are likely to come out on top.

However, leaders face challenges when it comes to understanding brands, how consumers interact with them, and how a brand’s strength drives business impact. Old brand tracking tools and metrics no longer cut it. Today, brand leaders need innovative partners who can connect the dots between changing consumers’ complex brand expectations and buying decisions, their impact on your business’s bottom line, and the actions to take to drive brand strength in the future via brand premium, brand choice, and brand uplift.

GfK’s Brand Intelligence solutions provide leaders in Technology Products & DurablesFMCG, Retail, Automotive, Media, and Publishing with innovative brand frameworks, reporting, and consulting services to ensure brand success. 


of revenue is accounted for by brand on average (GfK foundational research)


higher sales volume for power brands (GfK foundational research)


higher price premium for power brands (GfK foundational research)
  • Consumers are constantly exposed to brand messaging and other stimuli and so their purchase decision represents the combination of both emotional and rational aspects. Therefore, it is essential to understand all the factors that make a consumer prefer one brand over another. GfK’s new brand framework helped us do exactly this. Using the approach, we understood better how purchase decisions were made, and in particular how and why consumers switch between brands. GfK Brand Architect gave us new insights and it helped us develop more personalized experiences that better engage with our customers, and ultimately, help create their lifetime value for Nespresso.
    Graciela Bastida
    CRM Manager at Nespresso México
  • GfK’s Brand Health Tracker help us to understand our brand strengths and opportunities compared to the competition, but more than it, it has given us clear action steps to improve our brands. For me, it offers a great combination of identifying the strategic long-term projects that we need to tackle – as well as quick wins. The team at GfK is both highly professional and reliable. The presentations given to our country teams were on point, perfectly communicating complex topics and methodologies.
    Marion Hohenecker
    International Marketing Manager, GoodMills Group
  • Last year, we took the challenge to change provider and go with the GfK Brand Architect framework for our multi-country brand tracker. We wanted to re-establish the basis as our previous approach didn't really work for the 14 countries we are covering as part of our brand research program.Prior to the delivery to the countries, we worked closely with GfK to make tangible and relevant business recommendations. Feedback from the countries has been very positive; they trust and feel confident about the results they receive from GfK Brand Architect. The evidence is that they're using the insights, which for me is one of the biggest achievements.
    Giulia Russo
    Senior Brand Manager, Angelini Pharma

Make brand decisions that add value

By linking insights from multiple data sources, and combining these insights with human expertise, we help you better understand the economics of your brand, and tie it back to market performance.

Our team has a collective 100+ years of experience in data science, technology, and brand research who are working together to push the boundaries and innovate on the way brand is tracked, measured, and acted upon. And, for over 85 years, we’ve been a trusted partner to some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands to help solve mission-critical questions on consumers, markets, brands and media.

Proving the value of your brand-building efforts, and honing them to precision, has never been easier. With comprehensive brand evaluation tools, frameworks, and services, we help you identify:

  • Which products and communications are generating a brand premium
  • The optimal amount to spend on brand-building for the best return on investment
  • Which brand attributes contribute to higher and repeated spend
  • Which channels contribute to your core brand KPIs

Make data-driven decisions with confidence — equipped with everything you need to connect consumer perceptions with sales reality.

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