Pricing and promotion in 2021: Six steps to success in Q4

Understand how the pandemic has disrupted markets and consumer behavior to perfect your pricing and promotions strategy this peak season.


Winning this peak season

Whether it’s Singles’ Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or the post-holiday sales, the last months of the year and the start of Q1 is the most important sales period for the technology and durables markets. Many consumers will be ready to grab a deal this Q4. Make sure you follow our six steps to success this peak season to have the maximum chance of being their brand, product, or retailer of choice.

Stay informed, proactive, and responsive to secure your competitive advantage

The sales surge in the global technical consumer goods since the start of the pandemic shows no signs of abating. However, in the current environment of rising prices and economic uncertainty, many consumers in all markets will be thinking about cost and value as we approach this year’s peak weeks.

This white paper is organized in six steps to help you maximize this crucial selling period:

  1. Perfect pricing in the coronavirus era
  2. Choose less aggressive promotions
  3. Focus on availability so you can meet demand
  4. Know when consumers will pay more for premium products
  5. Adapt to changed online and offline pricing dynamics
  6. Respond fast using the latest market intelligence

Perfect your pricing and promotions this Q4

Based on our Market Intelligence datasets of Sales Tracking and Supply Chain, read this white paper below for the latest data, insights and analysis to guide you to pricing success in this most important of peak seasons.

Pricing and promotion in 2021: Six steps to success in Q4