GfK Campaign Amplifier

Discover powerful data analytics that measure the full effect of your brand campaigns and optimize your cross-media spend for amplified results.
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A unique brand campaign measurement tool that shows the impact of your brand building efforts

Brand building campaigns are a marketer's most valuable investment for long-term sales growth. However, it's increasingly difficult to gauge ad effectiveness and justify media spend in an age where human attention is harder to capture. To show results, marketers must cut through the attention barrier​ for maximum campaign exposure. GfK brand insights allow you to justify your digital ad spend for campaign optimization.

GfK Campaign Amplifier allows you to measure ​the full impact of your brand campaigns to defend your budget, amplify reach and frequency to out-market your competition, and multiply ​value with impactful creative that captures attention and drives positive brand associations.​
  • Fair and neutral cross-media measurement solutions are key in generating an efficient and effective media mix and impactful media strategies.
    Sonja Wedekin
    Marketing Science Partner, Meta
  • 77% of digital ad spend is behind walled gardens and is expected to rise to 86% by 2026. Access this exposure data with integrity and prepare your business for a cookie-less world.
    Michael Mondato
    GfK Global Account Director, North America
  • Know the true impact of your brand building campaigns, with a deep view into how each channel contributes to its success. Empowering you to tune in and turn up the commercial potential of your campaigns.
    Markus Saffer
    Head of Brand and Marketing Intelligence, GfK
  • Our research reveals that long-term brand campaigns bring an average sales uplift of 76% in the T&D sector, making brand campaigns your most valuable asset.
    Rachel Thompson
    Global Marketing and Consumer Intelligence, GfK

An accurate way to measure your brand building media spend ​and optimize ad effectiveness

The significant effect of brand building is often missed in effectiveness measurement tools, since it works behind the scenes in the minds of consumers, increasing the probability of purchase when the future buying moment arises. ​GfK Campaign Amplifier measures the success of a campaign through its impact on both consumers' mental states and purchase behavior, thus capturing the visible and invisible effects to bring you the full effect of your campaign. ​Of course, a campaign can only influence mental states if it first cuts through the clutter and is seen by the intended audience. Our solution takes this a step further to measure audience reach frequency and cross-channel exposure that drives successful changes in mental states, bringing you a full 360 view.

Scientifically linking ad exposure to mental states and true purchasing behavior​

Probabilistic modeling matches human data with exposure data to bring you one source of truth linked to your KPIs. Ultimately, you can access the complete picture of your ad performance across channels.

Learn how the campaign performed against core brand KPIs through brand surveys that reveal the impact on consumer mental states.Discover if consumers exposed to your campaign buy more of your brand through GfK proprietary point-of-sales data.

Fully understand the ROI of your campaign to optimize channel efficiency and budget allocation through cross-channel measurement using online, offline, and unique data from bespoke GfK partnerships that open the walled gardens while respecting consumer privacy regulations.


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