Maximize your marketing ROI using advanced marketing mix modelling

With GfK Marketing Mix Optimizer, you can quantify your drivers of sales and understand the effectiveness of your marketing across all channels to optimize your investments
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Marketing Mix Modelling: Your marketing mix, optimized for today’s consumers

Reaching your target consumers is harder than ever before. Media consumption habits are fragmented, new digital channels are gaining importance, and consumer behaviors and influence drivers are changing quickly. To further complicate your marketing plans, the entire digital ecosystem is changing. Data privacy has become a growing concern, with consumers, governments, and major platforms tightening your ability to track and measure engagement by removing 3rd party cookies. These changes have a major impact on how you attract your desired audience, where, when and ultimately how you make the best decisions to maximize the impact of your marketing budget.

Do you have the insights to adjust your marketing spend accordingly? Using advanced marketing mix modelling techniques and proprietary data sets, GfK Marketing Mix Optimizer can unlock powerful insights to ensure you invest at the right level, on the right channels, with the right campaign to reach and engage with the right people.

Insights to perfect your marketing activities

GfK Marketing Mix Optimizer (MMO) integrates your media and promotion information with GfK's proprietary store level GfK's Market Intelligence: Sales Tracking data alongside multiple other data sets and applies advanced marketing mix modelling techniques to isolate and quantify the drivers of your brand sales. Our approach is granular, allowing you to most accurately control for local execution differences and deliver robust insights at channel and campaign level. These unique insights combined with our data science consultancy and category expertise provides you with clear and actionable recommendations to maximize your marketing ROI and drive sales.

Measure, optimize and activate the marketing investments to raise your brand to new heights.

Ensure your business cuts through the noise and reacts fast while you make optimal investment decisions and ensure maximum ROI. MMO quantifies the impact and the true value of your marketing actions and shows you the right path to achieve your business goals by balancing short-term activation decisions with long-term brand building strategy.

Understand what drives your sales

Isolate and quantify all drivers of your brand sales including competitive and seasonal changes to explain changes and support future planning decisions.

Calculate your marketing ROI

Identify which media channels deliver the highest sales and best ROI, evaluate the impact of online vs offline media investments and determine which channel combinations work best.

Run simulations to optimize your marketing mix

Guide planning decisions by simulating the impact of different marketing investments and identifying where to allocate your media budget to achieve sales targets and maximize your ROI, with the help of advanced marketing mix modelling techniques.

GfK Marketing Mix Optimizer allows you to simulate the impact of changes before you make them

In one, simple-to-use dashboard, you can view the historical drivers of sales and slice and dice the insights to answer any questions that may arise. The tool uses marketing mix modelling to guide future decisions by simulating various marketing spend scenarios, for example:
  • What is the sales contribution of different media spends - how much does a marketing activity increase sales? And how does this change over time?
  • What’s the ROI of different marketing activities? For each euro invested, how much are you getting back in incremental sales?
  • How can you spend more efficiently and more effectively? Is there a point after which it no longer makes sense to increase investment on a particular media channel?
  • How should you allocate your media budget to different media activities going forward to achieve your target sales and maximize your ROI?