Deep consumer insights: the ultimate guide to achieving growth

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Navigate your brand through a recession and drive success with consumer-led strategic direction. Watch our video series where Catherine Gibson, Head of Landscaping and Segmentation, and Rachel Thompson, GfK Product Director, discuss the hot topics impacting growth in the T&D market.  

For deeper insights, read the white paper where we clarify consumer-centric, evidence-based brand marketing that harmonizes both your short- and long-term growth ambitions.

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Consumer-led strategy: the key to short and long-term growth

Key takeaways: 
  • There is a shift in market thinking from a short- to longer-term perspective. 
  • Long-term effects in T&D categories offer significant opportunities. 
  • Redesign market research for a consumer-led strategy. 
  • Align targeted activation and brand-building insights to deliver a comprehensive approach to growth.

Uncover new pockets of demand for sustainable growth

Key takeaways: 
  • Recognizing and adapting to consumer changes in a post-crisis context is crucial. 
  • View your consumer as the North Star for guiding growth strategies. 
  • Embrace consumer complexity and different drivers of demand to map portfolio and positioning. 
  • Create a Growth Landscape where it’s effortless to identify opportunities, prioritize targets, and focus on low-hanging fruit. 

Strengthen your brand and increase reach

Key takeaways: 
  • Investing in brand-building campaigns during a recession has proven to have a significant long-term impact. 
  • Building a brand aligned with consumer values and preferences reduces price sensitivity. 
  • Adopt a universal positioning during a recession for a broad appeal that maximizes sales. 
  • Find similarities that unite segments for long-term market impact and increased reach.  

Optimize your products and positioning to inspire innovation

Key takeaways: 
  • Great brands are built upon great products – combining product excellence with brand-building efforts is essential to success. 
  • Highlight product benefits over features for more impactful conversations with consumers. 
  • Marketers need to immerse themselves in the usage context of consumers to innovate in line with their needs. 
  • Designing products that address functional and emotional needs requires a framework that separates and prioritizes opportunities.