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If you know what impacts brand choice and brand premium, you can drive your brand strength.

Brands of tomorrow - Webinar

Better growth strategies for your brand

The way consumers buy has fundamentally changed – a process that’s been greatly accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this rapidly shifting and uncertain environment, how can brands secure sales and premium, so they can succeed in this new world?

It’s critical for brands to understand what makes consumers buy from them (Brand Choice) and what increases their predisposition to pay more for their products or services (Brand Premium). Equally, brands must assess where their performance now stands in terms of Brand Choice versus Brand Premium, so they can identify the right ways to grow brand strength.

In this new webinar, GfK’s global brand intelligence experts discuss how the marketing landscape has evolved and explore what brands need to know to maximize their potential. The learnings we share will be supported through a close look at a specific use case - a brand sponsoring the European football championship in 2021.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The role brands play in driving value for their businesses
  • Defining the four key brand segments and how brands can navigate these
  • What drives brand strength, and how the drivers for Brand Choice differ from those for Brand Premium
  • How GfK can provide personalized guidance to help brands achieve the best results

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