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Plan ahead with a full picture of what sold, where, and when

gfknewron Market enables you to stay ahead of markets and competitors, identify growth opportunities, and address issues quickly with your point of sales data in all depths and breadths – quickly check your sales KPIs while on the go, see a global summary and visualizations of your data to know where to dig deeper into the insights, and get into the details fast with alerts that point you in the right direction.

Know your market so you can win it.

Your market has been disrupted in radically new ways


increase in sales with informed decision making
(Source: McKinsey)


of outperformers reprioritize more frequently
(Source: McKinsey)


annual growth experienced by data-driven organizations
(Source: Accenture)

Evaluate the big picture for big impact

Get a view of how your entire portfolio is performing to spot opportunities and drive growth.
  • Understand your brand and products at a glance: See a summary of your product portfolio to quickly spot where you should take action.

  • Win market share: Know when and where to adjust your products, pricing, and go to market strategy.

  • ...and see it all in one connected view: Save time with all the insights connected and at your fingertips.

Adapt fast to outpace the market

Be the first to adjust plans based on what is happening in the market.
  • Change pricing and promotions on the fly: Quickly spot market changes so that you can update your strategies before your competitors.

  • Know immediately when markets change to outperform the competition: See alerts when things change in your market or when new competitors enter the playing field.

Plan with unparalled precision

Make your next move a success - when developing new products, entering new markets, and winning new customers.
  • Sell on the right channels:Know what tomorrow brings so that you can maximize near-term sales and minimize over/under stock situations.

  • Develop the right go to market strategies: See how your strategy is working and plan your next move.

  • Sell the right products in each market: Segment by features to understand what to sell in each market to ensure you’re delivering the right products and features to the right people.

  • DeLonghi_Logo_transparent
    I really enjoy using gfknewron Market and Predict. With its filtering capability, I can quickly see a market and competitor overview. The guided drill-down options are really valuable, and it is easy to generate graphics. The leaflet database is perfect for following weekly developments. Plus, the team at GfK answers questions efficiently and I’ve been impressed at how responsive they are at implementing ideas for improvements.
    Judith Unger,
    Product Manager Germany, DeLonghi
  • Epson_logo_transparent
    gfknewron Market helped us identify supply chain management gaps in important price segments. The platform not only delivered the hard facts to prove where we were losing market share in the local market, but within a few clicks, it revealed how we could receive more sales through better internal supply management. As a result, we’ve prevented market share loss in an important segment and increased our portion of the total market.
    Philipp Schärli
    Key Account Manager Retail, Epson Germany
  • Samsung
    We used gfknewron to track the size of the market. Our assumption was that market will decrease, but instead of this, market is increasing. In gfknewron we can see where are playing and what are other brands doing, for example by inch, price segment, resolution, etc. One example is the decrease of OLED ASP in market and their distribution increase by new brands. Another thing that we used is for watching new local brands, where are they selling or pushing new models, and if they are overlapping with any of our models.
    Juan Ignacio Monge
    TV/AV Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics Iberia SESA
  • Medion-Logo
    gfknewron Market has given everyone at Medion access to the same high-quality intelligence, which has not only increased and broadened our use of the Sales Tracking data, but enabled us to work more efficiently and accelerate the speed at which we respond to market changes.
    Enrico Franke
    Director Computing, Medion
  • Beko Grundig Logo
    gfkewron Market is my go-to solution for fast, reliable and accurate intelligence that supports my daily decision-making.
    Marius Stoica
    Country Manager, Beko Grundig in Germany
  • Hisense-Logo
    gfknewron Market is a really great platform for data analysis. Firstly, it is simple and user-friendly so getting to the valuable data is much easier. Secondly, it is much faster than other solutions making it extremely time efficient.
    Uros Stajner
    Market Intelligence, Hisense Gorenje Europe
  • logo_ci_liebherr_fl
    I really like how fast I can access and analyze relevant data from gfknewron Market. The intelligence ranges from the big picture right down to the detail at product level. This means I can easily evaluate my product groups and identify opportunities. In addition, I use gfknewron Predict to assess price elasticity and temporary price reductions to find the most suitable promotions.
    Bettina Schaupp,
    Category Management and Sales Operations, Liebherr Home Appliances
  • Vestel Logo
    With gfknewron Market we can analyze the latest market developments fast and in-depth. The competitive analysis pinpoints exactly where we are outperformed, and it’s quick and easy to compare the features our competitors’ models offer. Evaluating market shares in different price classes and sales channels is simple too. Overall, gfknewron Market is hugely valuable.
    Rüdiger Okulus,
    Head of Business Development, White Goods, Vestel Germany
  • lenovo-logo-transparent-png
    gfknewron Market offers us ultra-fast access to market information, with specific insights for each segment. The platform is both intuitive and quick. It takes us only a few clicks to compare the evolution of our market share in the Romanian market to other countries globally. Ultimately, we’re able to identify market trends faster to make quicker and better business decisions.
    Lucian Condrutz
    Consumer Sales Leader, Lenovo Romania

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