The pressure is on to squeeze every last drop of value from marketing budgets to support your sales effort. Both disciplines have the same goal: to maximize ROI.

Marketers need reliable research that can help them adjust campaigns in real time to deliver the best results. Sales managers need strategic and tactical guidance to set prices and discounts, evaluate the impact of specific promotions, and anticipate consumers’ reactions.

That’s where our extensive suite of solutions that measure and evaluate marketing and sales effectiveness is indispensable. Whether you need to evaluate if you’re advertising on the right channels, who has seen your ads, and if they are in your target market, our effectiveness solutions can help you allocate ad spend across media channels to maximize impact. Or, if your sales team needs to set the optimal price strategy to increase sales, manage share and deliver margin—and understand where they should focus effort, we can provide the answers.

Our Marketing and Sales Effectiveness suite will help you cut through the noise to deliver clear and actionable insights so you can ensure your brand and business succeed—every time.

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