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Streamline your pricing decisions with our intuitive and comprehensive tool. Leverage high-quality insights from billions of data points to competitively position your offerings and design successful promotions.  

Amplify your company’s potential with Online Price Monitoring.

Combining world leading sales and pricing intelligence to deliver unique capabilities


of companies using pricing analysis tools exceeded their business goals
(source: Deloitte)


of outperformers generate more than half their revenue by optimizing pricing and sales tactics
(source: McKinsey)


more growth on average experienced by data-driven businesses
(source: Forrester)

Access Pricing Data with Ease

Have a firm grasp of your brand’s performance and price positioning with pricing data.

  • Master your market landscape:
    Navigate marketplace context from over 50 countries with comprehensive pricing dashboards and focus your pricing analysis where it matters most.
  • One-click price comparisons:
    Compare product prices across multiple websites instantly with our InSite browser plugin, integrating seamlessly with your team's current workflow.  
  • Spot patterns and react with speed:
    Get a clear snapshot of price movements as well as stock, promotion, and competitor trends. Then swiftly adjust your strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

Harness the Power of Actionable Insights

Make pivotal pricing adjustments with the rules-based repricing feature and turn raw data into a strategic tool for growth

  • Balance revenue, margin, and growth:
    Maintain your growth targets in the face of competitive pricing, helping you keep up with the dynamic price fluctuations in your market.

  • Benchmark and track:
    Keep tabs on the performance of your product assortment as well as your competitors' growth with the Category Insights feature.

  • Enhance your decision making:
    Leverage configurable charts for targeted analysis, capitalizing on verifiable data to drive your choices.

Stay Agile in a Fast-Paced Market

Adapt to price changes and competitor activities as they happen

  • Alerts and recommendation: 
    Set up daily or weekly alerts for price changes or promotions and receive recommendations based on your customized pricing rule sets.
  • Competitive environment:
    Deliver your price and promotion strategy in competitive online and offline channels. Compare your prices to similar products, and monitor ratings and reviews for both your products and your competitors’.

Optimize Your Range for Maximum Impact

Align your feature assortments to outperform competitor strategies

  • Range optimization: 
    Understand how your current range stacks up against the competition in terms of depth, features, and pricing/promotion activities.
  • Trend analysis:
    Track trends according to the depth within the category and adjust your strategies accordingly with our Range Optimization feature.
  • Online Price Monitoring has allowed us to streamline price analysis processes and save time. It is also a great support for tactical decision-making to achieve strategic objectives.”
  • Online Price Monitoring is effectively supporting us with online price and other related eCommerce intel. This service gives us greater visibility into the online part of the relevant market.”

Online Price Monitoring is part of GfK’s Online Pricing Solutions suite

Convert pricing data into actionable strategies that strengthen your market position.