Transform what happens next with the power of gfknewron Predict

gfknewron Predict delivers AI-powered market, brand and consumer intelligence and recommendations that put you in front of the rest. Drive profits, optimize processes, cater to the right people and markets.

Make tomorrow’s big decisions, today.


Today’s challenges require radically different, data-driven decisions and agility



of companies with CEOs that make
data-driven decisions will achieve
business goals.



of consumers have completely
changed their shopping behavior
this year.



profitability gained by organizations
that reached future-readiness
by 2020.

Source: In sequential order: Deloitte, GfK, Accenture

Win the market with AI prescriptive knowledge

Maximize revenue by knowing exactly how much people will pay for your brand and where you can optimize your conversions.

  • Drive revenue growth: Manage your strategy for maximum profitability.

  • Optimize conversion rates: See quickly where people are buying your products and how to adjust your price and promotion strategy across marketing touchpoints for the ultimate conversion efficiency.

  • ...and see it all in one connected view: Save time with all the insights connected and at your fingertips.

Disruption happens, react with confidence

Pivot with precision and win, even when markets are volatile and consumer behavior is changing.

  • Optimize your promotions to stay ahead of the pack: Plan promotions with precision by simulating and optimizing promotions before they happen.

  • Be the first to act: Remove guesswork with AI-powered recommendations that allow you to pivot in seconds.

  • Refine your brand strategy: Know what brand perceptions are important for driving sales in your category and your brand so that you can refine brand positioning and marketing communications.

Forecast and simulate the future

See ahead so that you can plan tomorrow’s big successes, today.

  • Turbo-charge supply and demand decisions: AI-powered forecasting shows what tomorrow brings so that you can maximize near-term sales and minimize over/under stock situations.

  • Find the optimal pricing strategy: Simulate your temporary pricing adjustments to ensure you aren’t leaving money on the table.

gfknewron Predict: AI-powered Predictive Analytics SaaS Solution | GfK

gfknewron Predict is part of the gfknewron platform

The single access point to your brand, market, and consumer intelligence, enhanced with AI-foresight and recommendations.

gfknewron Predict: AI-powered Predictive Analytics SaaS Solution | GfK
Act in seconds to control your future

Focus on what matters the most with intelligence at your fingertips, supercharged with AI-powered recommendations so that you can move confidently and at speed.

gfknewron Predict: AI-powered Predictive Analytics SaaS Solution | GfK
Outperform with data at your fingertips

One source of critical data across your key markets available to all decision-makers when they need it, so teams can work across departments to solve big problems.

gfknewron Predict: AI-powered Predictive Analytics SaaS Solution | GfK
Revolutionize the way you strategize and grow

Simulate future scenarios, identify what happens next and where you should dig deeper, all seamlessly integrated with your daily workflow.

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